Digging dream meanings

Short meaning: dream about digging might spell sufficiency, amour and sodality.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud interpretation this dream about digging hints free gameness, girlish sexual urge, virtuosity and potential.
Encouraging changes are awaiting in life only: digging - This dream sign marks power and influence over others. You are at a higher level than others. Under other conditions, if the dream was more like nightmare then a dream could denote contra spirit: someone might be shifty or dissembled in relation to your being.
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  • Grave - ...will have short marriage because you are not happy; End of worries if digging a grave – You are digging a grave, this dream announces that you will end up with troubles, but also you have to be very attentive. Your enemies, again try to make harm to you; Defense if dig or trench – In the dream you are trenching a grave, this shows that you will assert yourself against your opponents; Better future if digging when sun is shining – When you are digging and the sun is shining, this signifies that apparent difficulties will apply to the good;... (read more)
  • Excavation - General Meanings: Finding yourself The dreamer attempts to dig up something unknown, this means that the dreamer puts all his effort to express or to reveal a side of himself that he still does not understand (better self-understanding). But if the dreamer knows what he is digging, this means that he seeks to uncover aspects of his personality that he was repressed. Finding solution It is very important in such dreams, to remember what was unearthed and how did it look like and how did it feel like, etc.? The importance of such a search might be worth it,... (read more)
  • Cave - ...or friends if digging the cave – You have to prepare yourself for stress that is coming along with the dream when you are digging a cave; True love if man with the woman is in the cave – such dream symbolizes everlasting love for you and the one you choose; Hindu (Hinduism) Stay careful with the friends if the cave is dark – Usually the darkness of the cave in the dream represents the iniquity and evil in that lies in your friends. Consider, the darker the cave, the worse friends of yours; The luck will change radically if... (read more)
  • Rabbit - Association: – Fertility, happiness, uncertainty. Question: – Where in my life I am prepared to be productive? Medicine Wheel: Keywords Fertile, cunning, small, innocent, conservative, fun, growth. Description The rabbit, which is associated with the Medicine of the external position of the southern soul path and with the growth, is a rodent with long ears, soft fur and a short stubby tail, the underground, digging burrows. It is known for his keen sense of hearing, his speed and fertility. There are over seventy different rabbit species around the world. Some people claim that rabbits reproduce so quickly because they... (read more)
  • Root - Association: – Ground & approximation. Question: – What connects me to my source of life? In general: Root symbolizes the fundamental needs, values ​​and principles upon which all life is built. Roots in dreams can show also close, that ties to other people become visible. Depending on circumstances in dream, meanings of dreams about root or roots: – To see roots: means, that you have talents, which could be very usefull, but they still is not used yet. – Dreaming that you are eating root: promises good health. – To dream, that you are digging roots: suggest to go... (read more)
  • Anteater - ...for curiosity, but this may bring you troubles or good things. Arabian (Islamic) Good work if see anteater – This dream announces you great job in sight; Warning if step on – The warning to be beware of bad company, this may damage your reputation and work; Wise if see digging – This dream announces that you are very  wise person and you are searching for better decisions to avoid troubles; Fight if smash willfully – To smash or destroy an anteater, this is a sign that soon you have to fight and struggle for your own existence. * Please, see meaning of ant.... (read more)
  • Mine - ...dig carbon – In the dream you are in the mine and you are digging carbon, then this dream indicates a lack of or decreased energy. This dream warns that you have to take a rest or to treat yourself from exhaustion; Hindu (Hinduism) Jealousy if be in a mine – You will have envious people because of your efforts you will increase your wealth. Arabian (Islamic) Property if see mine – You see a mine in your dream, then this dream is very favorable because you will increase your assets or business; Richness if be in a mine –... (read more)