To be bitten by a rabbit dream meanings

Reassuring conversions are afoot in your life only: to be bitten by a rabbit - This symbol of dream symbols dominance and being a vanguard. In spite of that, if this dream was with negative emotion then such dream could point out upside down connotation: an important person may be disingenuous and/or unreliable in regard to your person.
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  • Afraid - to attack you or bite you, shows that you have fear of being betrayed by your friends. Or it can show very strong enemy that is very dangerous right now. Second interpretation of the dream about fear of snakes, is clearly an indication of real phobia in the dreamer – ophiophobia is fear of snakes. Feminine power or phobia If Spiders – Dreaming about spiders has links to feminine power and sexuality or mother’s complex. In a dream to have fear of spider or to be afraid of being bitten by one, shows that the dreamer is afraid of some... (read more)