Wedding and pregnancy dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of wedding and pregnancy can tag repose, very strong liking and entente cordiale.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung understanding such dreaming of wedding and pregnancy signals unaided oomph, fertile desire, brilliance and cogency.
Approving in the affirmative way conversions are going on if: wedding and pregnancy - This dream symbolizes dominance and being a visionary person. On the other hand, if it was bad dream then your dream might betoken upside down significance: a person of great significance could be unprincipled or unsound toward your person.
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  • Bride - Spirit and the bride for the Virgin Mary). Purity The bride wears a white dress, the color of innocence, but also of abstinence and in a sense also the feeling of cold (see also “White”). Forbidden actions In the dream to sleep with own bride, for the man, means an adventure in which he breaks a taboo. Worries Who sleeps with a stranger in the wedding dress, might get in trouble because of his research approach in waking life. Doubt For women, the bride’s dream could include love and happiness from which they shrink back because somebody in their life... (read more)
  • Diamond ring - Association: Pure obligation, clear promise, oath for the ages. Question: What is precious to me to unite  myself with? General Meanings: Diamond ring stands for a highest standards on the earth. It is an absolute perfection in all areas of mankind. It is a  power source of concentrated energy for the dreamer. Ring with diamond represents connection, an ultimate excellence in a relationship. If it is wedding ring with diamond in dream then this symbol is for unbreakable bond between two. Diamond in an engagement ring shows even deeper and stronger bond, focused promises and eternal loyalty. Diamond in ring can be... (read more)