White cow dream meanings

Short meaning: dream of of white cow can demonstrate snugness, tenderness and intimacy.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's analysis the dream about white cow expresses absolute vigor, gynic lust, artfulness and potential.
Reassuring alterations are happening in life : white cow - This occasionally stands for the circumstance that puts one in a favorable position. You are a notch above the others. Still, if it was bad dream then this dream may prefigure contra value: some person should be astute and tricky in regard to your character.
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  • Animals - ...the horse is weak, some of your personality is also weak. Very often the the dream about horse is related to the color of the horse: black horse – signifies mystery, unknown and wildness; white horse – purity, innocence, good things in your life, search for eternal love; Very often the horse have two heads in a dream, which represents your confusion, because you do not know which direction you should go. Make sure, you think of every detail, only then take the important decision. Rat – this kind of animal causes negative emotions both in reality and dreams. It... (read more)