Wolf and lion dream meanings

Short meaning: dream about wolf and lion can point to coziness, love and comity.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung understanding the dream about wolf and lion designates sovereign temperament, fertile sexuality, artistry and function.
Encouraging renewal generally are afoot if: wolf and lion - This commonly omens primacy and being a visionary person. Otherwise, if the dream was more like nightmare then your dream might hint upside down subject: some person is being unprincipled and ticklish toward your person.
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  • Animals - and directing it in wrong direction. The leopard might show the anger which you suppressed. Lion – this animal is know as the king of the animals. It has the features of strong, grand and powerful animal. In dreams the lion represents the leader and confidence the one has. If the dreamer fights with the lion and wins the battle, then such dream indicates a successful development, as long the lion doesn’t die. If the lion eats the man, such dream shows the risks you will take or lost features which leads to success. Alternatively, the lion might indicate your... (read more)