Meeting dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • New rules if be in the meeting – To dream that you are in the meeting then in your life there will be new rules that you’ll need to take.

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  1. sistema di consiglio di raffreddamento su 4 sogni in categoria + diario dei
    sogni e libere associazioni per terapie del dolore io l.ho interpretato così con
    nuove associazioni

  2. I dreamed for some reason I went to stay in what I thought was a college mostly for young adults I attended many years ago (in real life it was an awful, awful college but with an excellent, thus false, world class reputation). I think I was kind of passing through, and it was holiday time, and there was some confusion and for some reason I had to be there. Perhaps in order to clarify some mistake they had over my details or something, at the main office. I thought it was something very quick, but that I really ought to do this quick thing, necessitating staying over a night or something. And there were vague but very firm notions of that I certainly wouldn’t be there unless it were a quick passing through thing – I was thinking clearly of the train and the absolute importance of getting away quickly, naturally. Otherwise I wouldn’t be there.

    Though I associated the place with the college I’d attended, actually the buildings were not this place, they were somewhere else, I have recognised from somewhere, maybe old dreams, maybe forgotten visits somewhere when very young. Maybe the place was made up in the dream. The residential place was not the college residences. I thought, after the dream, this might be in the Southern Hemisphere, or somewhere warm, rather than the cold bit of Europe I live in.

    It turned out that there was some kind of reunion convention going on, and much as I didn’t want any part of this, I got stuck kind of being in a meeting of people I’d once met. Yet, I took this nonchalantly. I’m beginning to realise as I describe this, my mind was being controlled in the dream – my dream person’s mind.

    The funny thing was, the people weren’t students from that college mostly – one person I recognised from school before that time. There was another person who it seemed was from my time at that college, and had either changed appearance or was deliberately hiding – having died her hair, taken on a new style and looking oriental rather than European. Not much happened but meetings, meetings with not much in them, but in some way, in my head there seemed to be something going on psychologically in the meeting.

    It was like a meeting of nothing but which seemed to be kind of worthy and kind of productive, yet nothing at all happened. People nattered about what they might natter about, and already knew the answer and the subject changed, to people nattering about what someone might have nattered about but both already knew how that would end. And so on. Despite seeming strange to me, there was the impression of this being all so normal and inescapable, and even natural by virtue of that it was kind of human nature, or something, for this area and time. And that itself was ordained by something like wisdom which was above everyone and untouchable, even if nothing like actual wisdom (if that makes any sense).

    I thought I might be horrified by all of this, especially after more experience in life, but actually I was very chilled, very calm, nothing was remarkable, and there was no danger in feeling this way it seemed. It was a calm thing. Yet, I knew I had to get out. Which I did eventually. I thought I’d be staying where only a few people would be, and no-one I’d ever knew, but these people descended upon me. Actually most of them, though I felt I knew them from light years ago in the dream, I couldn’t recognise from this lifetime.