Memory dream meanings

General Meanings:

Love In ancient times the lovers gave each other gifts or souvenirs. In your dream you have such a memory, then this denotes that you can love or to be loved by someone.

Ability to remember yourself  in the past The object who links the dreamer with his past experience, signifies what kind of person he was in the past or may be in the future.

Psychological Meanings:

Forgotten ideas or plans Not all the dreams reflects romantic or pleasant memories. The object in the dream which is valuable or important to a dreamer, signifies beauty and ability to satisfy with what is important to a dreamer. On the other hand such a dream may indicate what was important to the dreamer in the past and now it is postponed, forgotten or suppressed. This may be significant questions or ideas with which ones the dreamer doesn’t want to handle.

Spiritual Meanings:

In the dream the memory stands as a symbol of love.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happiness through stress if have a pleasant memory – In the dream you have a pleasant memory, then this indicates happy events in your life. But this will come through emotional stress;
  • Worries if a memory connects with a friend – This dream will bring you some worries and difficulties in near future.

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