Merchant dream meanings

In general:

Merchant embodies material or spiritual values ​​and profits, and sometimes greed and selfishness. The individual meaning of dream depends on the circumstances.


Merchant symbolizes the exchange of values ​​between people. The possession of the merchant may give an indication of the “mental reserves” of the dreamer (his talents development would be promising). He is also the agent who will guide our spiritual “purchasing power” on the right merchandise in the mental deficiency resolves by acting. Often we are merchant in dreams, because we want to do something for us by our own initiative. Further information arising from interpretation of visible merchandise in the dream .


– To see or to be merchant in dream: you will increase your own property.

– To see: you will get profit in the trade;
– To be: you will or you want to start your own business;
– To receive a letter from a merchant: you will be forced to pay your debts;
– To dream, that you are together with many merchants in some place: announces a major conference.

– To see: big gain is waiting for you.

* Please, see also dreams interpretations about shopmerchandise.

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