Mobile phone dream meanings


Accessibility & expansive communication.


What kind of communication have extreme importance for me?

Psychological Meanings:

The symbol of freedom Mobile phone or cell phone (also hand phone) is a very recent “newcomer” in the dream symbolism. Those who frequently dream of mobile phone (it carry with them a lot to make calls on the road, etc.), is in reality he is the typical cell phone user – he values ​​independence in all areas of his life. Also this person likes to improvise and doesn’t let anyone to control him – he hates that. Mobile phone is a symbol of today’s freedom and individual needs.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Better life if see mobile phone – Dreaming of mobile phone then you will soon handle on your life better, especially in professional terms;
  • Lost time if use mobile phone (cell phone or hand phone) – In a dream you are using mobile phone but there is a problem, that something that became a burden you will be able to solve this but this will cost you your time;

* Please, see meaning of phone.

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