Money dream meanings


– Treasures & resources; Security & wealth.


– What is worth to me? What is value to me?


Accident – Some maintain that money and coins altogether mean accident.

Better less than more – It is always better to possess little property and money than too much, because big wealth means concerns and grief because it is difficult to manage as well as a treasure. If somebody dreams who he is penniless or poor in the waking life, this means luck and prosperity during days, the return of the former splendid relations. If somebody dreams who is rich at the waking life, that shows him many offensiveness and poverty.

General Meanings:

Evaluation of Own Worth – In the dream money is not necessarily a hard currency, but rather symbolizes the way in which the dreamer evaluate himself. When this symbol appears in a dream, it can point out that the dreamer must carefully evaluate his own worth.

Price of Actions – The dreamer is also aware of what price he has to pay for his own behavior or /and his desires.

Sexual Potency, Power and Influence – Money is also interpreted as a symbol of sexual potency, power and influence.

The exact meaning of money in the dream is interpreted by following circumstances:

  • Stressful Future If Exchange – Dreaming of currency exchange often announces an uncertain future;
  • Troubles If Winning – In a dream to win money warns against failures and losses;
  • Failure If Losing – In a dream to lose money often means a failure, but this one isn’t so serious;
  • Advantage If Finding – To find money in the dream shows that you can prevent a loss or other damage;
  • Wealth If Counting – In a dream to count money announces a profit, which you will get for good work;
  • Advantage If Spending – In a dream to spend money promises success and financial gains.

Dishonor or Pride If Having Money – In a dream to have money can warn from careless spending, but also announce that you can lose prestige and influence, but not always. Sometimes comes pride.

Psychological Meanings:

Wealth or Poverty – There are many signals for correct interpretation of dream about money. Important are the source of the money, the place where you get it, find or lose, their colors and their numbers. Dreaming about money can indicate either riches, wealth or poverty.

Power and Sexuality – A dream in which money is involved under certain conditions is associated with the estimation of power and sexuality of the dreamer.

Performance If Golden Coins – Some psychoanalysts believe that the money, particularly gold coins, for men is a sign of their performance in love and in life areas.

Feminine and Sensual If Silver Coins – Money and silver coins in a dream describes the feminine and when women handle the money, and it almost always stands for erotic speculation. Who has money, are powerful man, after all it is the ideal of the women. The woman longs for a man who can give her strength and power because of security and satisfaction.

Personal Success – Money can represent the personal resources in material or spiritual terms, and also the potential success of the dreamer. Paper money or coins represent more or less emotional and mental energy.

Luck If Finding – It is a very positive and good sign if the dreamer finds unexpected cash in his dream.

Inability If Losing  – If in a dream the dreamer loses his money, this is a sign that he is not using certain qualities and abilities.

Spiritual Meanings:

Knowledge and Outcome – At this level money in a dream is for the exchange of spiritual knowledge. But in the form of capital dreaming of money at spiritual level stands for the result of past undertakings.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Power and Sexuality If In General – Dreaming of money in general is the male symbol of power in love and in life and for the woman almost always money is the symbol of erotic speculation;
  • Enticements or Costs If Seeing Money – If the dreamer in a dream sees money then such dream means sudden expenses or existing temptations that he must to overcome;
  • Longing for comfort If seeing a lot of money – In a dream to see a lot of money indicates your yearnings for improvement of living conditions;
  • Fortune If looking at a lot of money In a dream to look at a lot of money is a sign that wealth and happiness are within reach;
  • Risky business If seeing foreign money – When you are dreaming that you see foreign money, then this means that you will start a very risky business;
  • Prosperity If seeing coins of gold – In the dream you see bright shiny golden coins it brings good fortune, successful, flourishing, or thriving condition in your life;
  • Growth If seeing coins of silver – When your dream is about money, especially silver coins, then it promises good business or personal growth;
  • Difficulties If seeing copper money (coins) – You are dreaming that you see copper coins this means, that such a dream brings you worries;
  • Retaliation If seeing paper money – In the dream you see paper money, then it can be a warning about hate and revenge;
  • Haughtiness If seeing you own money – This dream shows that you are too arrogance with others;
  • Much debt burden If found money on the street – This dream announces you that no matter the circumstances about money or financial commitments, you will stay calm and quiet conscience because you will deal with them.
  • Confusion and Damage If found somewhere else – In the dream you found money, that can be as a sign of a great embarrassment. Also it can be that you will be saved from serious harm and loss;
  • Anxiety If found somewhere else – When you dream that you found money, this promises little worry, but it ends luckily or in a sudden success. This will not be a disappointment, which can stop you to move on;
  • Bad Omen If Borrowing – In a dream to borrow money from somebody is a
    bad sign for the dreamer, it is like a warning;
  • Appreciation If Give (giving away) – In the dream you give away your money to somebody, this brings unexpectedly big gratitude for your work or help;
  • Gain If Giving to a beggar – You are dreaming that you give money to the beggar, this dream promises you large profits and benefits;
  • Worry If Winning – In a dream to win money is a sing that you will have some troubles, but don’t worry everything will be alright. These troubles show you that you have to pay attention to the details;
  • Problems If Leaving change – You are dreaming that you left change, then you can expect uncertainty and problems in business or personal life, this will happen due to your own fault;
  • Deep affection If Earning (make, deserve) – When you dream that you deserve and get money, this is a sign that this dream brings you luck in love;
  • Warning If Taking – This dream warns of generosity because somebody can use your kindness and munificence;
  • Prosperity If Getting (receiving) – You are dreaming that you get or receive money from somebody, we can say that this announces you success, but only through hard work;
  • Deprivation If Finding a bunch of money – In your dream a young woman finds money and she pretends to be hers. This is a signal that you will suffer losses because of your wastage or your friend intervenes in your life. You will see that you have spent money without thinking and living beyond its means;
  • Wastage and Privation If Finding – Also you are dreaming that you have found money, but someone pretends that it belongs to him/her, This can be a warning to you to be careful and do not spend all your money before payday;
  • Troubles If Losing – In the dream you lost some money this means tears and suffer, also foretells misfortune, but that will pass soon and you will become even stronger;
  • Emolument If Counting – When you are counting money in your dream this announces you that you will have good earnings and incomes;
  • Discomfort If Counting and noticing a deficit – When you are dreaming that you count money and there are some lack of money, this dream shows you that pending payments will give you a headache and worries;
  • Riches If Saving – In the dream you are saving your money, such a dream announces you that the wealth will grow;
  • Avarice If Swallow – When you swallow some money in the dream, probably you are very greedy;
  • Welfare If Getting golden money – You are dreaming that you get some golden coins, you can expect a wealth and unmitigated delight;
  • Bad Luck If Paying off;
  • Assistant and Friendship If seeing counterfeit money – In the dream you see counterfeit money this dream means that you will be asked by someone for help, who will turn out to be a good friend, you can trust him;
  • Danger If Stealing – When you are stealing money in your dream this can mean that you are in danger and should act with more caution;
  • Longing for love and safety If a woman is dreaming frequently of money – This dream shows her that the woman yearns for a man through his power and strength she can convey security and happiness;
  • Erotic attraction If woman seeing – This dream has erotic significance and represents reservoir of female erotic attraction and charm.

Hindu (Hinduism) 

  • Luck If Seeing – You are dreaming that you see money in the dream, this tells that you will have luck in travel or luck in the game;
  • Great earnings If Counting – When you are dreaming that you or someone else are counting money, this dream shows that you will earn very much;
  • Richness If  Seeing a lot of money – In the dream you see plenty of money, this dream announces you an unexpected richness and wealth;
  • Warning If Receiving Dreaming that you receive free money in your dream, you have to beware before spending big;
  • Worry and Embarrassment If Borrowing – In the dream you see yourself borrowing money, then you will face with some problems, troubles and confusion;
  • Failure If Losing –  Dreaming that you’re losing your money this dream is as a sing  that you will have some lack of success in your work.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Temptation If Seeing – In the dream you see a lot of money, this dream announces you that you will be tempted. You may be seduced by wrong relations,   love affairs, or to be provoked to make and do bad decisions;
  • Anxiety If Getting – When you dream that you get or take money, this shows that you’ll lose peace by external circumstances;
  • Detriment If Finding – You dream that you find some money you may suffer from damage or loss;
  • Misfortune If Losing – The dream when you lose money it is like a warning that you will experience troubles and adversities. This may be in personal life or business;
  • Fruitless love If Gambling and Losing – In the dream you are gambling  and losing you money and cannot win, shows you that this love or relations, that you are now, has no future;
  • Love If Winning – You are gambling in the game in your dream, this announces that you’ll have luck in love.

* Please, also see meaning of bank, currency, savings bank & miser.

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  1. I always dream about money.. sometimes i dream of picking coins and bills on the ground ,many people were passing but its only me who is picking.. but lastnight was so strange.. i saw a sty and it is full of coins , i was like (wooowww) so plenty of money…

  2. I dreamt, I bought meat in my dream, I payed the person, and he tore the money I payed him in front of me and started laughing, so I gave him another money but he refused and asked me to go with a cheerful look. please what could this be??

  3. Recently I had a dream. driving a car with 3 children.. one boy and two girls.. suddenly don’t know which way to go. All the three Kids told me to hold on and they went to search the way out.. I waited and they didn’t turn up. I went searching for them and I found alot of silver coins in one side and a lot of money notes tied in many bundles .. I took some coins and one bundle.. when I came back ..I saw all tyhe 3 Kids back in the car ..I showed them and woke up.. Can please explain this. Thanks and regards.

  4. I had a dream that I went off somewhere away from I believe my family. I went to go do something on my own. Apparently I just randomly had turkey from last Thanksgiving that we never ate. So I went into this shop and apparently you could sell dead animals for money there. But when I was selling this to Turkey and it seemed a lot bigger than just a little normal Turkey for thanksgiving. And there was these two owners of the shop, one a man and one a woman. The man was telling me that these animals have to be in very good condition in order to be sold. As he was telling me this apparently the leg broke off. But it honestly seems like we were holding a huge deer not a little turkey. So all in all they gave me this little bag back after I gave them my animal. And then as I was leaving The woman told me something along the lines of ” don’t go around spending your $20 and giving it away freely like other people do in this town” . I don’t remember her exact words but I feel like it could’ve been similar to that, the meaning of it. So then I was walking away and I’m pretty sure there was snow on the ground. And as was I was walking I saw this other person walking beside me or near me. But I don’t think I would even talk to that person but I was interested in them or I was thinking about them. And I opened the bag and there was $20 in there that they gave me for the animal. I think there was some other stuff in there too but I don’t really know what. Didn’t look. But wherever I was coming from to go to that place to sell the chicken or turkey or whatever it was, I woke up when I was heading back there to my family, I think, I’m not sure. Yeah I have no idea what the heck that was.

  5. I dreamed that I unexpectedly saw money someone gave me to keep for her, my madam in particular, it was #200,000, so I was tempted to hide the money the more inside my suit pocket. please tell me what it means.

  6. In my dream I dreamt that I was paying for some merchandise and that a family member was the sales clerk who whispered in my ear to take back my money and keep it. So that I took my money back pretending to have paid for my merchandise/ items. What does this mean?

  7. A guy (only an acquaintance in real life, long time ago, disconnected now) was giving me a ride. I was sitting in a passenger seat. He had to pay something and asked me $1.40, the amount he was short (the total was over $10). I was not reluctant to give, but I did not expect to pay for a ride. And I gave.

    I was at my ex boy friend’s office to ask professional advice. He was with a woman (never seen her before, in real life, and she is none of his real life girl friend, either). She was wearing wedding ring , and she was a nice lady (his real life girl friends are all gold digging arse kissing sluts). I thought he married a nice lady, but I was not sure if he was married. I saw his fingers, and he seemed to eagerly try to show me his wedding ring (as I was not aware of his status, and I was only consulting professional opinion). Both of the rings (from her and him) were plain band, without a stone. He seems to be in good mood (not so happy, just ok, not sad).
    FYI, in real life, he wanted me, but I was not so interested in him because he was too selfish and shallow yet he was not aware of his selfishness.

    FYI, a few months ago, he appeared in my dream, staring at me, as if he was lost. His girl friend (the one he is with in real life) was jealous of me, and pushed me away when I was looking in the mirror to fix my hair in a powder room (she tried to take the mirror all to herself).

    And then, a few days ago, he appeared in my dream, again. I was moving out of his apartment. I noticed he had a baby. I thought he had a baby with his girl friend. I was surprised because he had a surgery not to have a baby. The baby was rather big (like 3 years old or so) and rather dark (not the skin color, but somehow darkness around the baby, black hair, I think, dark background, dark clothes, etc). The baby’s eyelash was thick and very long (like 1 inch) and black. The baby was emotionless. I hold the baby up.
    I was sitting in a bench in front of a house I was about to move in, while there were moving boxes outside (as if the movers were moving boxes from a van, I did not really see the boxes, but that was my impression). There was an old lady looking at me from inside the house through the window. I thought she was a landlady. I did not get a good impression about her, though (like a mean unkind landlady who is only concerned about money or so).

    Appreciate any comment please!

  8. Hi , I dreamt I found a wallet which had$600 in it. I somehow knew who it belonged to (a fugitive , stranger to me) I made several attempts to give the wallet & money back to its owner but unsuccessful every time . I woke up thinking Iv had this dream a few times now why would I be doing this ..
    It’s strange can u please tell me if there is a meaning to my dream . Thank you 🙂
    (Btw , I’m Muslim if that helps .)

  9. I dream the son of my friend wants to help her auntie, to pay the fare of his auntie, but he doesn’t want him to tell his mom. I ask him where he will get the money to help his auntie, he hand me his money its all dollars bill came from his savings. I count the money and it worth 2,200. I said oh you’re money is more than enough for the fare of your auntie. So we went to their house and he wants me to pretend that I’m the one helping him for his auntie. But before that while I’m counting the dollars bill, I steel a hundred dollar without his knowing it and I don’t know this people in real life Please send me the meaning of my dream.

  10. I just dream this morning, a man gave me a 3 silver coins please help me to understand if what is the meaning of my dreams. Thank you and more power! Hoping for your reply.

  11. I dreamed i saw money in my bed… At the foot of the bed tucked between the mattress and bed board….Alot of $100 bills folded in half..I walked away.came back and some of the money was gone…


  13. Dreamt made big money from a business that someone brought to me. And it involved a female banker. I wanted to share the money into three equal parts but the man that brought the business asked me to take a bigger share and him next while the banker least share. Inside the same dream we all stayed in a class like students and one girl told me she was not happy with me when I went near her desk. My reply was you sent somebody who I am waiting to tell me. Then o left the class room to the corridor and saw the one that brought the business that we made the money and he still reminded me of hos idea on hoe i should share the money and I agreed with him that as his senior I take the bigger share.

  14. I saw in my dream that a close friend gave me a huge amount of money in an envelope. I didn’t see the money but she says out an amount and I plan to keep it safe.

  15. حلمت ان الانسان ال انا كنت مرتيطه بيه رجع من السفر ومعاه فلوس بس انا مشوفتهاش والانسان ده مش معايا الان لانه خاطب

  16. Hello, Kindly give me the dream meaning i had… i saw a foreign man in my dream and when i was on the river washing my clothes i saw many things on the river but not knowing who the owner was as i was alone there. so i decided to check all those things and brought out away from the river then the man showed himself telling he was the owner but i was ashamed to tell him that i kept all those things. Give me the meaning of this dream. Thanks

  17. I was walking down the stairs in my dream and a R100 note fell from me and a small boy who was infront of me tried to take it jockingly then i got it back. And the next second im holding a R10.05 silver & 5c bronce on my hand and then it fell again not all of it though then again a small boy picked it up for me, he first picked and gave me silver coin and then gave me the 5c but it wasnt just 1 bronce it was 5 1c making the 5c. And when i looked in my hand i noticed that a R1 on my hand is also changed into 10 10c that make the R1.

    Please help its the 3rd time now having the same dream.

    Thank you.

  18. In my dream, I saw little children and I felt like giving them money, I brought out my wallet and started giving them one after the other, within some seconds, many of them now surround me for them to receive their own!
    What does it mean? Pls help…

  19. حلمت انه كان بيدي نقود وكنت اريد ان اشتري زلابية فسألته عن المبلغ للكيلو
    فقال 50 دج فأحصيت نقودي فوجدتها تكفي لشراء نصف كيلو او اكثر ولكنني لم اشتري

  20. I dreamed that my friend gave me $241057 and I signed an IOU. he then lifted the floorboards and pulled out bags of money. When I opened the bag it was counterfeit bilks that had not yet green glued together. ( yes I know that is not how they do it, this was just a dream lol )

  21. In my dream I saw that 3 of my friends want to borrow from me. They asked me for some amount. The common thing was the amount in which 8 digit was prominent. Please help if any one can that wt will b its prediction?

  22. Pls palz i jst av a dream dat m counting Money in my purse on d field, nd sm1 ask me dat wia did i get it so i reply him dat i wrk 4 it, actually we r on d field, dia is so many sport activities on d field.. wat d Meaninq pls…..

  23. I dreamt that I had paper money and I was counting it. my cousin sold me a me a car which had damages,and my mother said I must go back and collect my money. So he gave back the money,and I was counting it. What does this mean?

  24. My husband dreamt that a lot off people including him suggested a knew R500 Rand bill/paper money an it had the animals onn an he had it in his hand an they were excited about this knew south African money then he dreamt of fruit beautifal fields an lots of fruit

  25. I dreamed I swallowed 2 silver coins and reached down my throat to get them back. I only got one out but I had to swallow the other one… I saw everything I was doing(throat walls and all). Any ideas as to what it means?

  26. I had a dream that me and my uncle and my mother (both dead) we’re sitting and my uncle told my mother that he would give her 2000 pounds and then she smiled and looked at me and then i had another dream that i received 100000 pound as a check p.s they were both wearing white

    • Did you feel sad when they tore up the money you gave them? i think it means that you gave someone something that really matters to you but they didn’t care and basically through it back in your face or you want to give someone something and you worry they wont care either way:
      money = worth

    • Hello,
      I’ve had the blank cheques dream too. Someone, unknown to me, gave me them.

      And I’ve also dreamt that I was looking in my filing box, where I keep all my household bills and a general assortment of odds and sods in, when I discovered that I had four business cheque books, and I opened one of the books and each cheque had different motifs on them, they were really beautifully printed pictures, and they still looked like usable cheques.

  27. i dreamed that i was in a bank getting a lot of money. i was drawing the money from my account but i was surprised that i had so much in the account

  28. i have a dream about my friend who lost her money in the evening, she asked me to find it and after that in the morning (sunrise) i unexpectedly found her money (100) pesos underneath a rustic or leathery object shaped like an arch in a lawn.
    what does it mean? please help me analyzes my dream. tnx!.

  29. I have this dream twice within a week.
    1. In my dream, I have bulk money which belongs to me but I was sharing it in portions to give out to my family members. I also recalled that I gave my Dad his own share.
    2. I visited a friend in my dream. On two occasions he wants to buy something, he asked me to give him from my own, and I did.
    In this two dreams I also recall I don’t have enough but I just had to give out.
    I will appreciate your response, thanks.

  30. I dream that i was helping a young girl and she wonted a hotl room but she couldn’t get it off her own so she ask me to get it for her and pay for it out of her own money and i was counting it but some of it was fake.