Monument dream meanings


Work on worthiness or recognition.


What I like and adore about myself? How do I want to be remembered?

General Meanings:

Work with your own memories Dream symbol of monument (a war memorial etc.) has a role which transports the dreamer back to a bygone era. Perhaps that became “print in stone” in your memory. The dreamer must work on his memory, before he can farther move forward in his development. Monument stands often for honor, recognition and success, but sometimes also for nausea, overconfidence, unrealistic expectations and hopes.

After all the accompanying circumstances in a dream, mainly distinguishes the following meanings:

  • To see monument – this promises upcoming successes with recognition, but at the same time warns not to be so careless and snooty.
  • Build monument indicates the beginning of a work with which you will submit honor, if you want truly and sincerely to help and take care of this.
  • Your own memorial warns about lofty plans, exaggerated hopes and exaggerated opinion of yourself which leads to damage and mockery.
  • Can see monument base – encourages to exert you to reach more. The statue lies near the base, this can be understood as a warning before a failure, a fall in trouble and misery, perhaps because these has previously even increased.
  • The monument in the form of a gravestone signifies a long life.

Psychological Meanings:

It can be understood also as a symbol of power and as a fossilized image of a position of power, which must be observed, but no longer is current.

Spiritual Meanings:

A monument is a figurative representation, which should reflect respect and appreciation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • The end of the work if see a monument – In general a monument shows completed work, plans. Also this symbol indicates exaggerated hopes of achieving your own plans;
  • Success if see handsome, beautiful good-looking monument – In the dream you see very beautiful monument, this is a good omen. Your efforts and hard work will be rewarded with success;
  • Glad if see and sit – In the dream you see a monument and sit on it, shows that you will be happy about progress in your life;
  • Recognition if help to build – When you are building a monument or even help to build a monument, this indicates that your own achievements will soon be reaped with deserved recognition;
  • Career if see and admire – In the dream you admire the monument, this announces honorable career, you deserve this because put lots of efforts in reaching such a position;
  • Warning if see and envy – When you are dreaming that you are watching and feeling envy about the monument, this warns of ambition and addiction of fame;
  • Acknowledgment if see cemetery monument – In the dream you see a monument in the cemetery, this denotes longevity and recognition from the people;
  • Harm and ridiculous if see your own huge monument – This symbol shows that you incline for overconfidence and hubris. The arrogance and exaggerated hopes can now only make hard for you, this means that you can make yourself ridiculous;
  • Success because of other if see of a friend or stranger – This means that you will participate in the success of another persons;
  • Prosperity if see a monument of a great personality – The monument of a great person announces that you will thrive in the work, thanks to your own merit.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Honor if see a monument – This symbol announces that glory and honor will come to your house, but also this points that you do not be so too proud about it.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Award if see – In the dream you see a monument, you will be blessed by a distinction, your work will be rewarded;
  • Good sign if see your own monument – Very good omen if you see your own monument, this signifies about honorable and rich life;
  • Be careful if see overthrown or damaged monument – This is a warning that you have to beware of dangers in your life.

Contexts’ Meanings:

To see a monument or build – The monument in the dream is very good and positive sign. This symbol  announces you prosperity in your life. You will be awarded because of your hard work and all the efforts that you did. Also a monument will bring you honor and respect from other people. You are on the right place.

Seeing own monument – In the dream you see your own monument in different places (park, fields, on the hill and etc.), this is not good omen. This symbol denotes that you are too conceited. Your exaggerated hopes and confidence will make you harm, you will make yourself ridiculous.

Your own monument in the cemetery or like gravestone  announces long and honorable life. You have worked for this for so long and the life will give you respectable old age.

Seeing and dreaming damaged, ruined or destroyed or even falling monument – This is a warning that you have to be very attentive, because there are danger and worries in your life.  You will get some king of challenges from the life, but this will make you even stronger in the way of reaching your goals.

Seeing historical, ancient or of a great known personality monument – Such symbol shows that you are trying to improve your life. You wish to leave something after you, you want that people will remember you after your death like these great personalities.

* Please, see meaning of grave.

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