Moose dream meanings


Power and Strength

General Meanings:

Sexuality and Advantage The Moose usually and mostly refers to the male sexuality (animal instincts). In general the moose  is a good forerunner, it points to beneficial business or private and personal connections. This animal indicates personality features such as power and kindness.

Psychological Meanings:

Freedom and relaxation The powerful animal is a strong symbol of freedom and unlimited space. Also the moose stands for a simple and independent life in nature. This animal sihnifies about long and good life. The dream about moose also indicates the need of rest and relaxation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Disputes if moose is in an unnatural captivity – This dream announces quarrels or dispute in your life;
  • Wealth if see a moose in the forest – This dream signifies that you will have good changes in your life, which will bring you prosperity;
  • Worries if shoot a moose – In the dream you shot a moose, indicates worries and tribulations in your family;
  • Ability to deal if see beautiful moose – You see a beautiful moose in your dream, this means that you are able to deal with everything what life gives to you;
  • Good life if see many – In the dream there some moose , this signifies that you control your life perfectly, you are on the right way.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Wisdom if see a moose – This dream wants to pay your attention to elderly people around you. You have to trust your family member, because they are wise;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Short relax if see a baby moose – This dream signifies you some luck and happiness, this may be a short but wonderful journey.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Deer; solidly; strength; power; wise; ancient.


The Moose is the largest member of the deer family, a bulky and quick animal. His barking warns fellow species about danger. Moose mostly appears in the warmer months, walks alone across the land.

General Meaning

Your own power and strength. Your capability to communicate.


Force to continue your work.

Transcendent Meaning

Gift of strength and power.

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  1. I dreamt I was in the water when I saw a moose. It becomes agressive & territorial & started swimming after me. I almost drowned trying to swim away. What does it mean when a mooose appears aggressive or territorial in dreams?

  2. I dreamt there were moose in my back yard so I go outside to get a closer view because they were really far away and as I stood there a baby moose came out from behind some trees and walked slowly to me and started sniffing me and then I remember it looking me in my eyes. As i turned around walk back home he started to follow me and I let him then i go to open door to go inside I turn around and the moose vanished. Any comments about this dream thank you