Mountain guide dream meanings

General Meanings:

Subservience or support The dream of mountain guides in the old dream books stands as a warning to people who flatter while pursuing something for selfish intentions. Also this dream has a positive meaning,the mountain guide as a dream figure will bring us over hill and will be a patron who supports us during our ascent.

Psychological Meanings:

Be ready to accept challenges The mountain guide represents authority and expert help. When you climb through mountains with mountain guide in your dream, this means that you should strive to learn more independence and to set your own steps and to be determined proceed without support.

Traditional Meanings:

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Warning if see mountain guide – In a dream you see a mountain guide then you have to beware of those who flatter you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • False friend if go with a mountain guide to the mountain – You are going with a mountain guide in your, this dream signifies that there is a a friend who wants to betray you, or wants to harm you.

* Please, see meaning of guide.

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