Mug dream meanings

General Meanings:

Mug (trophy) as a dream symbol symbolizes the fullness of life, opportunities that arise from the personality abilities and the life circumstances. This dream marks how the dreamer can maintain his properties and realize his potential.

  • To drink from a noble mug – For sick people this promises fast and complete recovery.
  • To get a mug – You will earn an honor, a victory or huge growth of property.
  • To see a broken mug – A broken mug in the dream pays your attention your health.
  • Empty mug – The empty mug in the dream often indicates that your life will be poor if you neglect many opportunities and possibilities.
  • Overflowing mug – This dream symbol can warn of intemperance, dissipation of forces, hasty, ill-considered actions.


European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Health if drink from a mug – To dream of drinking from a mug then you may expect good time. Also this dream announces that your health will become better if you were sick;
  • Illness if drink from a dirty mug – This is a sign of poor health because of your irresponsibility;
  • Good time if drink wine from a mug – The wine in the mug will bring you wonderful future and prosperous time;
  • Feast if mug made of silver – This dream will bring you a great event and happy hours;
  • Harm if mug made of gold – The golden mug as a dream symbol denotes that your pride will bring you harm;
  • Health if drinking from a golden or silver mug – This dream announces that you will have good health or recovery after an illness;
  • Warning if see broken mug – The dream of broken mug indicates that the dreamer has to be cautions, because there is an illness or an accident near him;
  • No enemies if break a mug – When you break a mug in the dream, then in your real life you will defeat your enemies;
  • Honor if get a mug as a gift – The dream signifies that your honor will rise and you will earn the respect from other people if you get a mug as a present in the dream

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Upcoming good time if drink from a mug – You are drinking from a mug in your dream, then this dream indicates that good period of your life will receive you;
  • Humility if break a mug – When you see a broken mug in the dream then this means that your rival will have to trust you and you will be satisfied about this;
  • Do not hurry if fluid overflowing from mug – In your dream the fluid overflows from a mug then this dream marks not to be so hasty, you know who you are and you will appreciate for yourself.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Health if see a mug – This is a symbol of happiness and health, but when you broke or see broken then the happiness and health will disappear;
  • Joy if drink from a mug – When you are dreaming that you are drinking from a mug, then this has a positive meaning that good conditions and possibilities will delight you;
  • Watch health if see a golden mug – The golden mug in the dream indicates that you have to avoid a gluttony because this will bring health problems.

* Please, see meaning of cup, pokal.

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