Nakedness dream meanings


Vulnerable, bared, exposed and empty.


How much of me the others see?

General Meanings:

The nakedness in dreams have many meanings, but the most popular one is the self-image of the dreamer. Such dream indicates the desire to be seen and understood the way the one is.
Being naked associates with clear image, openness, clearness and goodness because it is hard to be able to feel comfortable in wearing no clothes at all.
Sometimes being naked indicates the sexual needs and desires the dreamer has. The lack of attention from the partner causes frustration on sexual level and psychological one too. Feelings that has not been expressed causes negative emotions and feelings.
Consider that sometimes the dreamer feels uncomfortable while being naked, which means that there are some features of his personality that he is ashamed of or is afraid to be fully seen by others. Obviously, such dream causes negative emotions, therefore the dreamer must not be afraid for who he is.

Psychological Meanings:

On the psychological level the nudity in dreams rarely represents the actual erotic desires the dreamer has or any other subject that is related to nudity.
Usually the nakedness shows the embarrassment for something the one has. Maybe the dreamer is in very bad mental state, therefore he has the dreams that are related to nudity. Mainly such dreams shows the certain things or situations the dreamer is in at the moment and is afraid of them.
On the positive note, the dream about nakedness symbolizes innocence, rebirth and renewal. Such dream might indicate the desire for independence and new beginning of the journey through the life of particular situation.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level the dream that is related to nakedness or/and nudity symbolizes the new life, rebirth and innocence of the dreamer.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

On general explanation the dream about being naked denotes to misfortune and poverty. It could also represent the primitive instincts of human beings or the fears the one has.
Great happiness if see naked children – the kids that wear no clothes and are completely naked then such dream will bring purity and clearness in your family. There will be only bright future and innocent behaviour of those you are surrounded by;
Fear if see naked people – to see grown people naked, means negative emotions such as apprehension and fright. The dream could also represent mild disease the dreamer will suffer. However, it will not harm you negatively;
Desire to be satisfied sexualy if dream of naked attractive opposite sex – the one who saw the opposite sex in his dream and enjoyed it, has hidden dreams that are related to the pleasure of intimacy;
The courage if the naked one is going to the water – the one who dreams of seeing himself or somebody else naked and getting ready to swim or jump to the water, has very positive features such as bravery and courage to take the chances of the life;
The unfaithfulness if see attractive naked opposite sex – to dream of seeing the person that causes ugliness, shows the affair the dreamer will have, or it could be the sign for you to be aware of your partner;
Will get surprised unpleasantly if see naked person out of nowhere – to dream that you saw someone naked, but did not expect it, means that you will be shocked by some news or actions, which will be made by someone;
Desire for freedom if getting undressed and becoming naked – such dream indicates your lust and longing for independence, more space for yourself and freedom;
Misfortune if walking miserably naked – to dream of being naked and walking around miserably, suggest to be aware as the suffering might come to you;
Success if the dreamer is being naked and taking a bath or swimming – such dream indicates the courage and effort of the dreamer. The one should be proud of features he has;
Shame if the one is being naked, but can not find his clothes – the dreamer who is unable to get dressed, because of not knowing where his clothes are will get disgrace very easily.

Hindu (Hinduism)

The truth will be revealed if got naked and was seen by anyone – the dreamer who will become naked and someone will see him, will reveal his secrets;
Will get to conclusion if got naked at home – if the one became naked in his own place, he will make a final decision or action for certain problem to solve;
Will get enlightened if naked in the house of dreamer’s God – such dream indicates the state of the mind which will be opened up completely in front of yourself, your God and your beliefs;
Poverty if see lots of nakedness around yourself – the one who sees nothing, but nudity in his dream will face the poverty in his life and those he is surrounded by;
Beware of malicious people if running naked in the dream – the one who was running without any clothes will get betrayed by relatives or friends at any situation he will be in;
Death if laying naked on your own – the one who was laying on the ground naked, might face the experience close to death.

Arabian (Islamic)

Will lose money if naked in public and feeling ashamed of it – such dream indicates the loses of riches.
Will obtain the targets if naked in public and feeling good about it – such dream indicates the victory the dreamer will have;
Will be annoyed by strangers if see other people naked – to dream of seeing strangers being nude, indicates the irritation you will suffer;
Desire to be better if see naked children – the nudity of children relates to innocence and goodness, therefore such dream represents positive thoughts and emotions;
Will get into unclear business affair if see naked slave – the nudity of the slave shows how cautious and aware the dreamer must be if wants to avoid affairs.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meaning of nudity, clothing, dress.

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