Nettle dream meanings

General Meanings:

No communication In the dream nettle refers to a difficult situation that must be avoided. This can cause irritation for the dreamer, because he is not in communication with other people or their environment. Communication problems are indicated when the dreamer is in the middle of a nettle field.

Wish to be safe In addition nettles shows that the dreamer wants to avoid violation from other people because he has “burned fingers” on a personal or professional projects.

Psychological Meanings:

Wild behavior Nettles are wild plants that can cause skin irritations. The nettles can symbolize that the dreamer was wrought by “wild” behavior during sex or otherwise lost control of himself. Nettles in folk medicine are used for healing.

Spiritual Meanings:

On a spiritual level nettles are regarded as a sign against danger. They are also used in purification rituals. Fresh nettles are a good way to support recovery after disease.

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