Newspapers dream meanings

General Meanings:

Newspaper often stands for news, so keep this in mind. Such a dream may show that you have a fear that your unpleasant truth will come to light. More generally newspapers as a dream symbol may indicate an inner uncertainty, because you can’t choose between the abundance of opportunities. A newspaper in the dream refers to knowledge that is accessible to the public. Perhaps there is the information that the dreamer would like to tell to the world, that surrounds him.

  • The tabloid in a dream refers to a sensational information.
  • Intellectual newspaper symbolizes carefully researched news and knowledge of the dreamer.
  • Sunday newspaper can be a picture for the fact that the dreamer is able to absorb the knowledge he needs most during this period for peace and relaxation.
  • Local newspaper marks that the information to which the dreamer looks for near.

Psychological Meanings:

Warning and need of changes The newspaper in reality is like the information tool and it is also important news sources in a dream. The consciousness through the dream tries to warn the dreamer against danger. When the newspaper is old so this means, that something is already outdated and needed for changes.

Clear or unclear information Important information is given to us in private life, when we read a newspaper in a dream and see the text clearly, which can show other references. The text is not readable, then we are in the situation, where we reach only misinformation.

A blank newspaper page can mean two things: first, that the information will not be accessible for the dreamer, because of various reasons, and secondly, the dreamer is available to access this information through other people.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level this dream marks that the dreamer has to use all his efforts to what he does and to show himself to the public.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fear if see newspaper – To dream newspapers so this means that you may have fear, that others could know the secret of your own. Also the fear of detection of commercial fraud, which will negatively affect reputation;
  • News if receive or send a newspaper – In the dream you receive or send a newspaper then this dream will bring you good messages from a distant friend;
  • Important news if read a newspaper – To read or to see newspaper in your dream then this denotes that some news will arrive and will be very important for you;
  • Misfortune if try to read – In a dream you are trying very vainly to read newspaper then in your real life this marks that because of uncertain businesses you will have failure;
  • Travel if print newspaper – When in your dream you print by yourself a newspaper then soon you will have opportunities to travel abroad and meet new friends;
  • Warning if read your name – To read your name in the newspaper, so this dream marks that you have to be careful, someone is planning a malicious gossip on you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • News from friends if read newspaper – To read newspaper in your dream then you will get news or messages from a friend;
  • Opportunity if read newspaper – In the dream you read interesting article from a newspaper then this means, that you will have an opportunity in your life to take an extraordinary challenge and gain important insights from this;
  • Misfortune if can not read newspaper – If you read, but can’t understand the text in the newspaper then you will not be able to cope with the challenge that you have in your life.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • New things if buy newspaper – In the dream you buy newspaper then you will know some new things and will learn how to deal with this.

* Please, see also dreams about letter, column.

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