Nose dream meanings


The instincts and knowing.


What do I know only depending on the senses? How nosy I am?

General Meanings:

Positive meanings:
Honor and prosperity in ancient Indian explanation if nose is red – the one who has nose that is red will get rich and respected by others;
Symbol of sexual needs if dream of nose – sometimes the nose can be interpreted as the sexual symbol, because of it’s senses. The bigger the nose, the bigger sexual desires the dreamer has.

Negative meanings:
Nose as the symbol of curiosity – the one who is too curious about others businesses dream of their nose;
Failure if nose is bleeding – the one that has the nose which is bleeding should be aware of failing at anything he does.

Psychological Meanings:

Erotic thoughts that are related to nose:
Sometimes people dream of nose which for example for women shows the lack of intimacy with their partner. There are some needs that are not fulfilled, sexual desires which are not becoming reality. For men it shows the distrust of the power they have especially as sexual performer.
The animals choose the partner depending on their smell as the people also do without even knowing and noticing it. The excitement which the one gets while smelling the other one gives a clue about upcoming actions and relationships.

Nose as the sign of curiosity:
The one who dreams of the nose could be the sign of his approach to know a lot about everything he is surrounded by. The curiosity is a very good feature of the personality as long as it does not irritates the others.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success if see your own nose – to dream that you see your own nose very well, symbolizes the power and success at anything you will do;
  • Potency for men if see their nose – sometimes the nose may represent the ability to perform on the sexual intercourse. The power the dreamer has in reality is the reflection of the nose in the dreams;
  • Misfortune or sickness if nose is red – for those who dream of the nose which is red is a bad omen, as it warns of upcoming danger with business or suffer from illness;
  • Amazing winnings if nose is hairy – to dream of the nose that has hair on it, promises achievements at anything you do;
  • Business failure if dream of smaller nose than you actually have one – beware of your opponents as you are going to fail in all of your endeavors;
  • Loss of assets if nose is bleeding – to dream that your nose is bleeding signifies misfortune and loss. Sometimes the dream may be a warning of upcoming disaster within your health. Beware and take care better after yourself;
  • Unfulfilled sexual desires if women see man with big nose – for a woman to dream about man who has big nose, indicates her sexual, erotic desires towards some particular men.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Good business if nose is extremely large – if the dreamer saw his nose that became extremely big, denotes to good business affairs, however it might bring the shame and disgrace to other people;
  • Will marry a great woman if have large nose – for a dreamer to dream that he has a big nose means that he will get a very good wife;
  • Luck in love if nose is small – the one who saw or had a small nose, means that he will become happy in love;
  • Honor and wealth if nose is red – the one who has nose that is red, signifies the good reputation and wealthy life.

Arabian (Islamic)

Nose as the symbol of beauty:
In many cultures the nose is part of the beauty which shows the strength or the weakness of the dreamer. It is very important for woman to have a well shaped nose as it is part of the face and it has a lot in common with the beauty in all. Consider that for men the big nose is the symbol of power and ability to feel the danger by smelling.

Nose as the symbol of news:
Very often the nose indicates the curiosity of the dreamer or the news he will get to know. The nose is the tool of exploring the new smells including things you did not know and have not felt before. Consider that curiosity is not always a good feature, sometimes it leads to problems and difficulties with other people.

  • Mild illness if nose is running – to dream that your nose is running, signifies the sickness you will suffer from. However it will pass away very soon without making bad consequences;
  • Unjust people if dream of pierced nose – to dream that your nose is pierced, warns about bad people you are surrounded by;
  • Everything will go well if nose is well shaped – to dream of having nose that is normal, signifies the things that will go smoothly, according to plan;
  • Disputes in your family if have two noses – to dream that you have two noses indicates arguments within your family;
  • Will lose the family if have no nose – to dream that you do not have a nose, signifies the grief and loss of your relatives;
  • Miscarriage if nose is bleeding – to dream that your nose is bleeding denotes to bad omen especially for women, because there is a possibility to have a miscarriage for those who are pregnant.

Artemidorus Meanings:

According to Artemidorus there are many explanations of the dream that are related to nose, depending on different circumstances:

  • Good sign if nose is well shaped which means that the dreamer will get very well with those he is surrounded by as people will welcome him gently and nicely. The new perspectives are also available;
  • Lack of feelings or death if the person does not have nose. The one is going to suffer from pain or lack of sensitivity.

An example of explained dream by Artemidorus:
The dreamer who lost the nose because of his profession could no longer deal with his work. There were few times few times he has the dream about being without nose. On one occasion it was because of his lost status in the environment he is. On the second occasion he was sick, therefore could not breath properly and dreamed of being without nose. In addition to all explanations according to Artemidorus the dream can have many meanings depending on the different circumstances.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meaning of body, sexuality.

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  1. For the past year and a half My oldest daughter (31) has been dreaming every night that her nose has fallen. She wakes up screaming and her husband wakes up to tell her there is nothing wrong and that she has her nose. It is getting out of hand, please help me find the meaning of this and how I can help her. Thank you!