Note dream meanings

General Meanings:

Wasting time Notes as a dream symbol often admonished you not to tamper with insignificant, irrelevant things, because you are wasting you time. According to ancient Indian dream interpretation of notes urges you to be more diligence.

Psychological Meanings:

This type of dream indicates that your forgetfulness against your close people will make even bigger distance.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Some worries if make notes – The dream of notes means that you are getting tangled up with little things and which makes your life difficult;
  • Troubles if see notes – To see notes in the dream, then this may be a sign that you will have something that brings a lot of headaches.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Wealth if see notes – You are dreaming that you see some kind of notes then this denotes that you have to be diligent, and you will achieve what the others already have a profit;
  • News if see around many notes – In the dream you see everywhere a lot of notes around you  then you will experience a lot of news;
  • Travel if write notes – Writing notes in the dream then this announces journey;
  • Curiosity if read note – You are really curious person and this is very good when you read notes in your dream.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Anxiety if have notes – Note in the hand may announce you loss and anger;
  • News if get a note – In the dream you get a note then you will soon receive a message;
  • Luck if see very descriptive note – This dream is a good prospect of winning;
  • Losses if throw away a note – To throw away or to lose a note in the dream, then this dream has not very good meaning that you will have to expect financial losses.

* Also see dreams about notice and other related to note.

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2 responses

  1. I recall dreaming of my older sister handing me a bunch of notes, telling me with a warm smile that I should read them. This dream seems to be re-accuring. I don’t know what happens to the notes or letters once I receive them, they seem to suddenly disappear and I never get the opportunity to read them. So its contents remain a mystery to me.

  2. Had a dream of a love note that a old love wrote to me saying he loved me.Remember that I read it felt happy and was talking to him he was so happy that I felt that way towards him also.A odd dream haven’t spoken to him for like 7 years….