Nudity dream meanings

In general:

The dream that is related to nudity, very often has nothing to do with the actual nakedness. Usually such dream indicates the embarrassment of the dreamer and also the shame for something particular.
The first thing the dreamer has to do is to find out, on what circumstances he became naked and saw himself of being in nudity. Mostly, the nudity is related to arts and the beauty of nakedness, therefore the dreamer must realize the surroundings he is in at the time of the dream.
Nudity and confidence
The one that dreams of being nude and feeling good about his own appearance is the person who wishes to get more freedom and independence. The nudity could also indicate the honesty and truthfulness of the dreamer.
Nudity and shame
The one that dreams of being nude and feeling bad, disgusting about it is the person who feels guilty about certain problem or situation. Such dream could also denote to regrets for something the one made in the past.


If you wish to be naked in the dream, in reality that means the opposite: something to hide, keep secret, conceal your own faults and weaknesses. This pressure is difficult to sustain on the long term, therefore the state of the mind reflects in the dreams. For example, in the dream the one was made to take his clothes off, was seen naked unexpectedly or had any other embarrassing situation.

* Please, see meaning of nakedness.

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  1. i saw my elder sister naked, i.e. folded bear legs with open genital with little hair on it. i was just staring but not try to covering the same. this dream came to me early morning at 5.00 a.m.

  2. I dreamed me and my friend where in a hotel parking lot and we went streaking, I walked across the front desk outside hiding my genitals with my shirt and the front desk people could see me, then we kept walking in the parking lot and seen aboit 50 people chasing us and trying to beat us up, and I hid under a car and almost got found,my cousin got beat up, What’s this dream mean?