Obesity (fatness) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Defense and upcoming pleasure In the dream to see yourself as fat person, so your attention is focused on the defense, which you use against your inadequacy. At the same time this dream vision may be the sign for sensuality and pleasurable side, with which the dreamer may have not encountered before.

Warning signal and inferiority The unconscious may require you to do something about adverse health effects – obesity/fatness. Perhaps, even if you are not too thick, the feeling of inferiority because of own appearance may appear with this vision. This dream symbol may appear especially for women, because of exaggerated slimness ideals. As old dreams announces, to be fat or over-weighted person in the dream will bring you happiness, success and prosperity.

Psychological Meanings:

The opinion of his body, which the dreamer has in the awake condition, may be different from that which is presented to him in his dreams. This vision gives the dreamer the opportunity to work on his physical self-image.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level being fat (obesity) – is a choice which is placed before each person repeatedly: submit or rebel.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Wealth if being fat – The dreamer is skinny or normally built person in his real life, but in the dream he sees himself as a fat one, this dream announces you an enlargement of your possessions or property;
  • Welfare if being fat or over weighted – In the dream you are fat, this will bring you fulfillment of hopes and desires;
  • Joy if see fat or thick person – The fat person in your dream will bring you happiness and profit;
  • happiness if see a fat kid – This dream is a good omen, which shows that now it starts a very favorable period in your life.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Wealth if see fat people – In the dream you see that others are fat this signifies prosperity in your life;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Pain if being fat or stout – In the dream you are fat you will suffer from physical ailments.

* Please, see meaning of obesity.

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