Obligation dream meanings

General Meanings:

Duty When the dreamer is obligated to do something then this reminds us our innate sense of duty. Perhaps he feels that he has done something for other or has to do that deeply inside he does not appropriate.

Psychological Meanings:

Be yourself When the dreamer thinks of obligations, which other people have told him to do, then the dreamer has to be sure that no one imposes on his will in a particular situation.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level obligation in the dream can be a sign, that it is a little meaningful to follow the spiritual way.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Sorrow if commit to do something – In the dream you commit to do one thing then in real life some thoughtless complaints of people may cause sadness;
  • Bad period if be obligated toward others – You are obliged toward others in the dream, then this is not  a good sign in any situation, now it is difficult period for you;
  • Respect if commit others – You are dreaming that you commit others then you will be respected by friends and acquaintances.

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