Old age dream meanings


Maturity; degeneration.


What is perfect for me? What am I ready to replace?

General Meanings:

Past experiences and skills To see an old objects or persons in the dream, this denotes past experiences and knowledge. The dreamer has an ability to use them in current situation or in the future. The dream of a historical person signifies that the dreamer knows how to use his talents or skills and what kind of abilities he has.

Psychological Meanings:

The old age as a dream symbol has two meanings positive and negative:

  • The negative meaning – mortality, death and transience.
  • The positive meaning – becoming older, wisdom, maturity and experience.

Use knowledge and wisdom The ancient wisdom marks that the dream symbol of an old age indicates experience and wisdom. The old wise person in the dream denotes the wisest part of a personality. When an old person appears in the dream, the consciousness sends a signal to use your intelligence and knowledge. On the other hand the old age can be a sign to use your past experience in dealing with difficult situations.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • In general dreaming of old people is a good omen;
  • Good sign if dreaming old age woman  (for men) – To dream an old woman or being married her, this denotes very favorable omen for business matters and family affairs;
  • Love if dreaming old age man (for women) – This dream symbol announces you luck. You will become loved and all your desires will come true;
  • Attention if see old clothes or stuff – You are dreaming old stuff or clothes, this dream doesn’t bring you any good things. You have to be more attentive.
  • Wisdom if be yourself becoming older person – In the dream you are an old person, this indicates that you are becoming wiser person;
  • Use your talents if see yourself very old – This dream will bring you glory, honor and dignity. Also you have to use your experience and wisdom in order to change your ordinary life. You have to use your qualities and talents;
  • Illness if worry about the age – In the dream you worried about getting older or old, this denotes disease. The more you worried, the worse the disease will be;
  • Mockery if look older that you are – The young woman dreams that she looks older that she is, this signifies that she will be involved into bad company and then she will become mockery;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Honor if be an old – This dream shows that you will be honored because of your wisdom and intelligence;
  • Anger if see an old woman – this dream indicates anger and frustration, because you acted like a child without thinking about consequences;
  • Honor if wear old clothes – The old clothes as a dream symbol denotes that you will have high honor;
  • Less money if see old clothes – To see old clothes in your dream announces that your wealth will decrease, because you do not listen the older people’s experience and intelligence;
  • Initial plan if put on old clothes – This shows that you have to use your primary plan if you want to reach your goals;
  • Lots of experience if see old people – In the dream you see many old people, this indicates that you will gather lots of experience which will help you to reach your desires;
  • Warning if see an old man – This is a sign that you have to take care of your health because you may have a disease and or even death.

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