Old people dream meanings

General Meanings:

Wisdom and advice Old people in the dream stand for wisdom and experience, they may appear in the dream with desire to give recommendations or advises. Also this dream may be a warning that you have to act and to behave thoughtful and responsibly.

Get rid of long forgotten traditions To dream yourself as an old man, this marks that you live with your long forgotten ideals and traditions. The world is changing and you have to change your old attitude. If you are young and dream yourself as an old person, then this is shows that you just begin to mature as a personality.

Can not escape from influence To dream your old parents, this shows that you can not escape and free yourself from their influence. They do not let you to develop and improve your personality, they do not let you to grow and to make decisions by yourself.

Psychological Meanings:

This symbol of old people stands for life experience and wisdom and can give the dreamer very useful information.

Using skills If the old woman appears in the dream (mother, grandmother, aunt), then you have to consider how this woman relates with your life. The old woman may also represent your character features or abilities which you may get from her. You can use them in order to reach your desires.

Renewal The old man as a dream symbol stands for cleaning and refreshment. Now you are at the period of your life when you renew your soul and spirit.

Warning The old person in the dream may be a warning to thing about your behavior. You have to think critically about this.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Wrong behavior if see an old person – This dream may give you an advice to get rid of all bad influence or behavior;
  • False friends if see an unknown old man – This dream shows that you have to take care of yourself. Sometimes the old person may be a sign that there are lots of harmful people around you;
  • Worries if see an old woman – This dream symbol stands for anxiety, difficulty or inability to deal with problems in your life. But you will overcome them without any painful consequences;
  • Positive sign if see a lot of old people – In the dream to see many old people, this is very auspicious dream. You have so much experience in your life and now it is time to use it;
  • Troubles if see an old person with rags – This dream shows that you will have some difficulties in your life;
  • Joy if see happy old person – This is a good omen, which will bring you happiness and satisfaction in your life;
  • Sadness if see unhappy – In the dream you see an unhappy old person, then this indicates that you will have an unfortunate career or position;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Annoyance if see an old woman – This is very negative dream, which will bring you anger and frustration in your life;
  • Experience if old people – This means that you will gather a wealth of experience, which you can use in your future ;
  • Warning if old man – This is a warning that you have to take care of your health because you will get a disease or even death.

* Please, see meaning of old age, mother, father.

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4 responses

  1. I had a dream where there was this old lady, she was laid on bed and seems like she can’t walk. She looked like my grandmother. She asked me to knee down by her bed and she was praying for me, saying I have suffered enough, that my situation must change and I was crying as she was praying for me! Then I woke up!

  2. My husband has a reoccurring dream where an old woman(he can’t see her face due to her hair is over it) keep entering our home and he can t speak to wake me up and is looking for something all the while he’s trying to wake me and she giggles at him because I stay asleep.

  3. Dreamed of oldan in an incense shop he bowed to buddah then board to me greeted me in chinese and then saidy name.

    Then i dreamed of three oriental men fighting my husbans but it wasnt he was someone elde in a hood