Onions dream meanings

General Meanings:

Wholeness In the dream and in meditation the onion can occur as a symbol of wholeness, this holistic approach consists of many layers. Onion promises new courage, hope and good health.

Personality features The dreamer peels an onion in his dream, then this dream suggest to unveil valuable personality features of himself or other people. This is an indication with all the effort to understand various features of their own personality.

Unpleasant experience  In the dream the onions is cut or consumed (often with tears), then this dream announces a painful experience, falseness and deceit that will come very soon.

Psychological Meanings:

Health and power You know their benefits to health who eat them, so the dream announces new strengths, power that will make any work much easier. To cut onions in a dream this is a symbol to increase energy. When slice an onion signifies resistance against worries and troubles.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level the onions symbolize the cosmos (universe) and the revelation.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Joy if seeing fresh and good onions – This is very good sign that you will have tears of joy, the happiness comes to you;
  • Dispute if seeing an onion – In the dream you see an onion/onions announces you anger, domestic dispute, but you will overcome everything and there will be peace at home;
  • Worries if eating an onion – When you eat an onion in your dream, marks that you will get into bad relationships;
  • Tears if peel  – You are peeling an onion in a dream, this dream announces you painful experience and worries, which will bring you lots of tears;
  • Pain if onion is rotted – This shows tears of pain.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Anxiety if cutting onion -The cutting of an onion and crying in a dream, announces grief and sorrow;
  • More power if seeing growing onion – To watch how onions grow in a dream, courage is needed to reach your goals in profession or work;
  • No worries if peeling onion – In the dream you are peeling onions, you will slowly resolve all secrets and worries. You will overcome them without any consequences;
  • Hard richness if eating a green onion –  In a dream to eat green onion, means prosperity and good health, however they will come together with stress, sadness;
  • Envy if large quantity of onions – When you see a lot of onions in a dream, this stand for jealousy and envy because of the success of others;
  • Difficulties if cut and cry – In the dream you cry when you cut onions you will have some difficulties with your rivals;
  • Overcoming difficulties if see onion as raw food in a dream – This is a good sign that you will overcome all obstacles;
  • Happiness if cooked onions -In the dream you see cooked onions, this means satisfaction and profits for small business;
  • Disrespect if eating a strong smelling onion – This dream shows contempt to some people of your family. Especially if he/she is eating an onion and you smell it strongly;
  • No grief if eat boiled or fried – Means that you will overcome grief bravely.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Health if eating onion – in the dream you eat an onion, this shows that your health is fine;
  • No harm if slicing onions – In a dream that you are slicing onions shows that you will overcome enemies, they will not make you any damage or harm;
  • Harm if planting onion – When you plant onions in your dream, this shows harm in your life;
  • Harm if gathering or picking onions in the field – In a dream you are gathering onions, this means that you will suffer from harm caused by your own family.

Artemidorus Meanings:

To eat onion and garlic in dreams – bad luck to dreamer’s property, but happiness in life. Only for the sick one, the dream of onions is different. Dreams for sick ones – to eat a lot of onions in a dream, announces that he will recover. If someone, who is sick, eats only a few onions, there is serious problems about health.

Contexts’ Meanings:

To eat an onion or onions in a dream – The onion as as symbol stands for health. If you eat an onion in a dream, then this shows that you have good health. You are very powerful and strong person in reaching your goals. You will have wealthy life. This also will bring you luck and increase in material wealth.

To cut or to slice onions in a dream – This dream shows that you will defeat all your enemies. You will overcome all the worries and painful experiences and after this you will have good and happy life. If you cry when you cut onions, signifies sorrow and pain cause by other people. If you cry while cutting or slicing this announces worries and troubles in your family.

To peel onion or onions in a dream – You are dreaming that you are peeling an onion, means that you try to understand and recognize your hidden abilities or hidden worries. This is the way to understand yourself better, to avoid bad consequences.

To pick or plant onions in a dream – This dream signifies harm in your life. This can be because of others fault or even yourself. Because you made bad decisions in the past and now you have lots of unpleasant things.

To dream rotten onion or horrible and strong smell of the onion – This is very bad sign which announces serious disease. You must take care of your health, because this can bring even death. Your concision sends you a warning.

* Please, see meaning of wreath, garland, hoop, cycle, ring, circle, chaplet, rim, lip.

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  1. I dreamt I could smell onions everywhere in my old house and when I went outside there were piles of them in the back garden. I woke up with the smell in my nose

  2. Earlier today in my dream i was slicing a big and clean onion perfectly just like a professional chef, and in the dream it was like i was watching a movie but the movie appeared so real,as if was happening. I was feeling the pain of the person, the voice of the person was my voice, the challenges the person was passing through was like am the one but the person’s faces was not my face. As i kept slicing the beautiful onion i was watching the other person like in my eyes there is a television that was more real than any television or movie ever made by man.The movie i was watching was about boy who was being maltreated by his madams because of several fault accusations layed on him by the guest,the guest who was really close to his madam manipulates his madam to hate but he struggled till he had proved to reveal to his madam who her guest truly is and after many fights,challenges and more torture from his madam he was to vindicate himself by revealing the truth to his madam, but his madam did not give her the due punishment that she deserve for taking him true hell so was not pleased and were i sat diligently slicing the onion i was not pleased bcos his madam didn’t punish the guest as she should,so i was mobbled as he mobbled and it was as if we were mobbling same words simultaneously then my sister told me to be fast with the onion,still in the dream then i woke up while cutting the last slice of the onion. My mood in the dream was a happy mood but wasn’t contented with the punishment that was given to the wicked guest. I feel she deserve more punishment.

  3. I had a dream about walking out into someone’s back yard and realizing that onions were growing there, and I picked one. But it was questionable if it was good to eat because it was that weird vegetation that’s alive but not in the thick of winter. Mind you it was winter when I had this dream…

  4. earlier today I dreamt that I was teaching my x partner how to prep onions for a meal tht we were making together. in real life, when me an my x were living together he rarely cooked, and had no idea about cooking nutritious means from scratch. his speciality was ‘fry-ups’, ie bacon, egg, sausage, bake beans and/or tin tomatoes. in th past I would try and encourage him to cook more nutritious food, but he would always complain by saying its boring learning how to cut onions and skulk away from me.

    in th dream though, he was standing really close to me and seemed genuinely enthralled by th artistry of cooking.

  5. I dreamed in the dark of small whole white, glowing in a black light type of onions floating around me and my fiancée. I am christian and believe that the LORD blesses his people with sight as well and I will like to know your experiences from this kind of dream that already have been forseen.

  6. Recently diagnosed with large pelvic mass which is suspicious for malignancy and a surgery is needed asap. Feeling very stressed although I dreamed of a large white, shiny onion being removed, there may gave been two…a few of us were standing around and they just came out of my abdomen ..no pain, no fuss..it was more humorous and we were all curious. Never have dreamed of an onion before that I remember. What to make of it?
    ..it seems auspicious.

  7. Dreamt of removing and throwing away onions from the rice i was eating. The food was almost finished when i decided to throw away the onions. I Was in the company of 3 family friends. The wife was eating without onions in her food while her husband and son were not anything.

  8. I dreamt that I had a large blackhead on my right leg and when I squeezed it, a whole slice of white onion came out. It had unravelled a bit so I kept pulling it until the rest came out. There was no smell and it didn’t make me cry. Just wondering if this is a good or bad thing.

  9. In my dream I was in an onion field and picking onions and planting them. I was picking bulbs of onion that were growing in clusters from a crop I had planted previously.

  10. I dreamt I sneezed and when I blew my nose a large, slightly flattened but still whole pearl onion came out. I really don’t know what that could possibly symbolize.

  11. I dreamt i was with my ex boyfriend and his oldest son came in and said they need to finish dinner, but when i went in kitchen the sink was filled with sliced white raw onions..neatly lined up in sink

  12. I had a deam of a large net bag that was blue in color and it had very large white onions in it and i said to the person holding it wow those are really big onions and than woke what does this mean

    • It may mean that there will be healing in that area of her body- I haf a dream that there was an areawhere i got bit from a spider (in real life i was bitten and worried) and when the flesh broke there were raw onions inside —i know it sound gross and it still grossing me out but the onion represents healing