Oyster dream meanings


Hard shell, soft core, erotic effect.


What do I starve for?

General Meanings:

Connection with sexuality It is claimed that oysters can have an effect as an aphrodisiac. Therefore, in dreams they possibly symbolize the sexual act or everything what relate with sexuality, or point to sexual needs and problems with which you should handle.

Armor of security However, partly they also represent as a cover from outside, a grumpy-unfriendly being or seeming hardness in dealing with others. Behind it very often hides a sensitive being which wants to protect itself apparently with hard shell from violations.  Sometimes it also describes a message that can be recognized as symbols of good or bad.

Pleasure Women is dreaming that she is eating an oyster, symbolizes the luxury, social advancement, and the pleasure with it.

Psychological Meanings:

Symbol of making beauty An oyster is something unique because it can transform a grain of sand into a pearl. The dream pays attention of the dreamer, it wants to show him how he can transform something disturbing into something beautiful. The oyster as a sexual symbol and as a symbol of fertility is known at all times and all peoples.

Motherhood and the beginning of life It embodies the womb of a woman who receives a child or a woman who carries a child in her. The oyster has been found in prehistoric times and now it is found in all the oceans and seas of our planet. It is a symbol for the theory that water is the origin of all life.

Spiritual Meanings:

An oyster symbolizes spiritual transformation. An oyster symbolizes spiritual transformation. It is possible to transform negative qualities instead of extinguishing them.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • The oyster means an easy life and the prospect, also signals of many children;
  • Welfare if see – In the dream you see an oyster this announces well-being and independence. But also signifies that you will not achieve ambitious plans,  difficulties in the achievement of goals are often of sexual kind;
  • Discomfort if eat – In the dream you are eating, this indicates that you feel unwell, you want more than you seem. If you are patient then you will be happy in love;
  • Constraint if trade in oysters – This dream has a meaning that you are restrained from inside when you want attract love or fortune;
  • Failure if see oyster shells – When trying to secure the property of another you will fail;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Oyster is the symbol for reticence and discretion;
  • Warning against credulity if see – In the dream you see oysters extraordinary and unusual events. Warning against too much gullibility;
  • Curiosity if break and open – When you open an oyster, you want to fathom a mystery or get to know a person or thing in details;
  • Secret stays obscured if can not break – In the dream you can’t break it, this denotes that you will not find out the secret, you will have difficulty in understanding things;
  • Child if eat – You are eating oysters in the dream, this brings you happy pregnancy;
  • Forget your wishes if see empty shells – The empty oyster’s shell in the dream, says that your desires are not satisfied.

* Please, see meaning of shell.

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