Painting dream meanings

General Meanings:

The dream symbol of a painting may show that you want to hide or to conceal something. Very important what is color of the painting. There are some following meanings:

  • White paint can show delusions of persecution, sometimes even morbid.
  • Flash (especially red) paint announces announces a full of happiness and joy occasion or refers to energy, physical strength and good health.
  • Gray paint may denote a monotone and uneventful life behind which the dreamer hides rich souls and spirit life. Also gray paint may mean that the dreamer doesn’t want to be noticed.
  • Black paint sometimes announces a disease or other risk.

Psychological Meanings:

Hiding something You want to paint over something unflattering and that you did. This is very important what was the color of paint. Also it is very important the color, but you have to consider which objects are painted.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Losses if see a white paint – In the dream you see white paint, this announces that you will suffer from great loss;
  • Separation if see black paint – The dream marks that there is a possibility that you will separate with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Also you have to take care of your health, because it is a warning of incipient disease;
  • Fulfillment if green paint – This dream denotes that your hopes will fulfill;
  • happiness if bright or red paint – In the dream you see bright or red paint, this announces that you will get an invitation which will bring you joy;
  • Joy if blue paint – Very positive dream symbol which will bring you cheerfulness and joy;
  • Jealousy if yellow paint – Yellow color is associated with jealousy and this shows that you have a reason to be jealous;
  • Joy if bright red –  This dream indicates that soon you will have a reason to rejoice and to be happy.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Experience if bright color paint – To dream a painting with bright colors, this means that you will have very useful experiences;
  • Disease if painting with black color – This dream is a warning that you have to take care of your health because you will have very serious illness;
  • New start if panting with white paint – You will have events, which will change your life. You can start your life from the new beginning.

* Please, see meaning of colors, paint.

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  1. I had a dream that an old friend of my late father’s, who in real life I had an affair with briefly , was sitting behind me and painting my buttocks. He was painting in all pretty bright colors, alive and vibrant. It felt nice , the brush on my skin. Tom was doing it slowly and he seemed to be enjoying it a lot. Others were watching us and enjoying it too. I had no embarrassment or modesty whatsoever. I didn’t even notice really that I had nothing on from the waist down. The painting came out like a beautiful tattoo. I wonder when the paint will dry and his long the abstract painting will last.