Peasant dream meanings


Work on the relationship with nature.


What do I feed?

General Meanings:

Hard work while reaching goals Peasant can be used as a symbol of closeness to nature and safety which are founded firmly on the earth. The farmer is sowing, planting, plowing, mowing, cultivating, but also growing livestock and selling them for slaughter. This dream may be related with the rewarding and positive side of peasant life, but also this may announce the less pleasant aspects. First of all this dream may be a sign that you are ready for a long and hard work for harvest / sowing and growing seeds for the future. Anyone who sees himself as a farmer or a peasant who works then he will achieve his goals through hard work and will have wonderful results can.

Psychological Meanings:

Reaching aims The dream about a farmer or a farm, may point to the nature-loving side of the dreamer his natural life. If the dreamer actually lives in the country, then the dream usually has a specific relationship with the environment. If the dreamer lives in a large city, so with this dream the unconscious wants to get closer to nature. The dreamer works in a field or seeks the harvest, in the figurative sense this refers to the professional aims of the dreamer or a spiritual significance.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Desire for natural life if dream peasant – In the dream you see a peasant or a farmer, then this dream marks that the dreamer is longing for nature and simple life;
  • Pleasant future if be a peasant and work – This dream has a very good omen, which announces you bright future because you are moving toward your desires;
  • Luck if meet young farmer – When in your dream you meet a young farmer or peasant then this dream signifies happiness and success in business or personal interests;
  • Joy if see a young peasant at work – The young peasant works in the fields then this dream will bring you satisfaction of your life and promises a happy life;
  • Some obstacles if meet an old peasant – In the dream appears an old peasant or a farmer, then this dream marks about obstacles and difficulties in your life;
  • Hard work if see an old peasant at work – Such a dream indicates much toil in your life, you will have to work very hard and patiently to achieve the satisfaction of old age;
  • New start if be a peasant – In the dream you are a peasant or a farmer, then you may expect good progress on clean basis, which will help you to create your life from the beginning;
  • Joy if be a farmer – The dream symbol of a farmer mostly means happiness in every situation;
  • Defamation if be deceived by a peasant – This dream announces you about slander which may destroy your self-confidence, but you must endure scorn and only then you will get known who are your real friends;
  • Good life if work together with a peasant – Very good omen when you work together with a farmer as a helper, then you will have long and good life;
  • Too arrogance if argue with a peasant – This dream is a sign that you are too arrogant person and will not find agreement with nobody.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Wrong people if see a peasant – In the dream you see a peasant then this dream denotes that you have to take heed from coarse and treacherous people;
  • Much work if see working peasant – This dream shows that you have to put great physical effort to earn your bread.

* Please, see meaning of acker, plowmen, farmer, crops, gardens, stables.

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