Pharmacy dream meanings

General Meanings:

Find the way to be cured The dream symbol of pharmacy is a warning signal. You have to pay attention to your physical and mental health. The pharmacy has a recipe that knows how to help and advice you. This may remind you a remedy what was long forgotten and was useful to you.

Psychological Meanings:

Need of help The pharmacy in general marks a physical or mental distress. You may also signal for a request for help.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Hope if watch a pharmacy from afar – This dream gives you an advice not to lose your hope;
  • Marriage if view from outside – In the dream signifies that you have an opportunity for rich marriage and wonderful children;
  • Illness if go to pharmacy – In the dream you go to pharmacy, then this means an impending health disorder for sick and healthy people ;
  • Loss if walk in and buy medicine – This dream announces loss of money, but you will recover after that.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • False friends if be in a pharmacy –  This dream is a warning that you have to be careful and do not let closer bad people who didn’t deserve your trust;
  • Financial worries if pharmacy in general – The pharmacy has little to do with disease, but a lot to do with financial matters;
  • Marriage if see a pharmacy – To see a pharmacy in the dream, this points to an early marriage, but happy;
  • Losses if enter a pharmacy – This dream announces you financial losses.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if go to pharmacy – You have to beware of extortionate hands!
  • Worries if be in pharmacy – When you are dreaming that you are in a pharmacy, this brings adversity through enemies.

* Please, see meaning of fear, doctor, recipe.

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