Poison / poisoning dream meanings

General Meanings:

Negative feelings and warning Dream symbol of poisoning often symbolizes negative feelings, expectations and attitudes which affect the whole life unfavorably, for example, hate or fear. Sometimes it also indicates the wish to solve problems and conflicts in a simple way. But if you do not succeed to solve this, finally the difficulties still will not get even worse. Old dream books warn against malicious neighbors.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Wrong behavior if dream poisoning – The dream of poisoning signifies that a violent solution of problems will never bring you the real result and the effect;
  • Get rid of bad things if poison yourself – In the dream you poison yourself, then this dream marks that you poison yourself from inside, your soul is sick. You have to get rid of bad influence and wrong behavior;
  • Do not hurt people if be poisoned – You are poisoned in your dream, then this marks that to torment other only through the joke, is not a good sign of a beautiful soul. This will bring you unnecessary hostility;
  • Not your business if somebody is poisoned – In the dream you see others who are poisoned, then this dream is a warning that you should not interfere in other people affairs;
  • Be more flexible if poisoning – Somebody is poisoning someone in your dream, this dream denotes that you will not be able to enforce your affairs because of your stubbornness.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Warning if be poisoned – You are poisoned in your dream, this dream warns you to pay attention to bad people around you and avoid them, because this may bring you damage;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Coward if poison someone – In the dream you poison somebody, this is a sign that you are a coward, crafty person. You are afraid to face your difficulties and unpleasant situations;
  • Damage if be poisoned – When somebody is poisoning you in the dream, this indicates that unfaithful friends will soon turn away from you and they will inflict damage.

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