Poverty dream meanings


Limited expression of your own resources.


What am I ready to develop?

General Meanings:

Fear to lose everything The dream symbol of poverty signifies your own inability to satisfy the basic needs. Perhaps you feel insufficient good emotionally or materially. Poverty is often like a nightmare, which makes you feel anxiety and fear of losing everything.

The possibility to find out what is really important In addition, you may suspect someone or you have a fear to be cheated or exploited. The return to the basic or start is often a prerequisite to realize what the needs are actually available and needed for you This is an invitation to discover the real needs and a warning against too large materialism.

Psychological Meanings:

Deal with your own negative emotions The poverty in the dream may be a sign to look at your feelings. Perhaps this is an indication that you have to deal with your own emotions, do not make useless thoughts that you will fail and will not reach anything important in your life.

Dissatisfaction of yourself Poverty is often the sign of psychological (emotional) or spiritual impoverishment, against which you have to change your life and attitude. Poverty in the dream denotes feelings of inferiority, insecurity, helplessness or a lack of intellectual, emotional or physical qualities and advantages.

Spiritual Meanings:

Spiritual poverty can stand for self-denial.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Joy of life if be poor – In the dream you are poor, this is a contrary sign, this announces  you happiness;
  • Difficulties if see a poor friend – When you see that your friend is poor, this marks worries and losses in your life, you have missed something more important then things and money;
  • Peace if be in completely poverty – This dream will help you to find out the most important things in your life and then you will have happiness and peace in your mind.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Development if be poor – In the dream you are poor person and help others, this marks that you will change your life and will start to develop your inner world.

* Please, see meaning of alms, money.

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