Profession dream meanings


Work on the project.


Where in my life am I frustrated or satisfied?

General Meanings:

Changes in life A dream where the dreamer sees himself at work or working somewhere, identifies issues and concerns which relate to his professional situation. Maybe he tries actively to make changes in his life and this appears in a dream in the work situation.

Psychological Meanings:

Hidden talents and abilities The profession has to do with the actual appointment of a person in general. Often dreams can help to change the situation of the dreamer, because the dream shows his true talents. If you dream of working on something that has nothing to do in everyday life, then it might be worthwhile to examine the potential of this activity. Maybe it is a hidden talent.

Spiritual Meanings:

This may be a certain level of spiritual activity that appeared to the dreamer. Perhaps the dreamer is ready ​​to start a new spiritual work.

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