Prostitute dream meanings

General Meanings:

Inability to commit Prostitute often represents “ignoring ” of civil concepts of morality. Sometimes the prostitute in the dream stands only for a sexual desire, for more freedom in own relationship, that is why it is often dreamed of the “eternal” bachelors. If a man dreams of a prostitute, this can point to his negative image of woman. On another hand, facts that he longs for sex without consequences, connections and bindings. He often has difficulties to have love and sexuality in harmony.

Fear of reputation and sexuality relations A woman, the meaning of this symbol usually shows that she is highly dependent on social standards and extremely worried about her reputation. In the dream of woman or man, in which a prostitute is found, often indicates that they are afraid of feelings related to sexuality. In addition, feelings of guilt can appear because one “has abused someone”. Also the tendency towards material possession as a substitute of love, expresses itself in the dream. After old Indian dream books the prostitute warns about defamation.

Psychological Meanings:

Connection between love and sexuality The vision of the prostitute, call girls, ladies of the night or the other love servants symbolizes the sides of one’s personality and gives information about the attitude of the dreamer about love and sexuality. Often arises from the whole dream action, that the dreamer cannot bring these two components in harmony. The prostitute as a dream symbol can indicate coldness and mental or emotional impoverishment.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Worries if see prostitute in a dream – The dream warns that you are in bad company. This dream announces unpleasant consequences with acquaintances.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Defamation if see – The dream wants to pay your attention to your friends and your actions, because someone wants to slander you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Debauchery if you have something to do with her – This dream warns to be beware of excesses.

* Please, see meaning of brothel, prostitution.

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