Pull dream meanings

General Meanings:

To dream that you pull something, then this is a reflection of active actions in waking life. The dream may be an alert to the dreamer how to act in a given situation.

To try to pull – The dreamer is trying to pull, then he has to make decisions on a project. This may require additional efforts to get something done.

To pull to move – The dreamer pulls in order to move something then he may succumb to external pressures. Pulling a car may usually announce that you will need a lot of effort, for which you can hardly expect thanks and reward. If others pull something, you will probably need helpers or benefits from others.

Psychological Meanings:

You may feel that you are t pulled and can not feel capable to resist this. You may think that you have to put up with something and can’t oppose it.

Spiritual Meanings:

Feeling of being forced to do At a certain stage of spiritual development, this looks like a feeling of being pulled in a certain direction. It is conceivable that the dreamer feels pressured to do certain things without knowing what drives him to act like this.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Flirtation if pull thread – To pull a thread through a needle’s eye in the dream, then in near future you will experience a little flirtation and will glad your heart;
  • Anxiety if pull something – Pull something with difficulty on the road in your dream, then this indicates concerns and a serious threat in your progress;
  • Much work if pull wagon, cart or car – Such a dream when you pull wagon then this dream will bring hard work and your reward will be bad;
  • Good time if pull yourself – In the dream it looks like you pull yourself then you have to start what you want to because it is proper time for you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Reward after work if pull something – In your dream you pull something then this dream indicates that your hard work will bring you forward.

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  1. While i’m sleeping i feel how my blanket is being pulled off from me!I grab hold of it an pull back.I moved into another home an yet the same dream occurred but this time i saw a young boy at the end off my bed pulling the blanket while i’m sleeping!I speak out in my dream saying “In the name of our Lord begone from this house” then it would be quite for a while an it would be back!My last dream was today 10 Dec 2012 but this time i dreamt i caught the boy,but that’s not the weirdest thing!In my dream i take this spirit to my grandfather,he asked me who’s child is this?I woke up shortly after that.My grandfather passed away 15ago that’s what’s makes this dream bothering me more than the previous dreams!