Punishment dream meanings

General Meanings:

Deserved punishment Dreams shows us the things that we do not really want to know, including penalties, of which subconsciously we know that we deserve. Dreams sometimes punish us for thoughtless acts or thoughts that are not unacceptable by society. The dream of punishment can be an indication about your own thoughts that someone really deserved punishment.

When you dream, that the person is lynched, then you have to consider whether you behave anti-socially in waking life. Corporal punishment, such as whipping or beating with a rod and feel satisfied then this dream may stand for masochistic tendencies.

Psychological Meanings:

Inability When a child realizes that he does not implement the expectations of adults, he often has a fear of punishment. Later in life you dream of punishment when you do not have power to resist or to resolve a conflict by yourself.

Fear not to solve problems To dream of self-punishment signifies that you are not satisfied about yourself or your actions. You think that it is better to endure the pain then to try to solve or to deal with the problem. Anyone who feels relieved and freed after a punishment in the dream may be a signal about your bad conscience.

Spiritual Meanings:

The worst punishment goes for the spiritual improvement when you reached for spiritual development and knowledge and didn’t complete it.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Pleasure if be punished – In a dream you are punished then you may have unexpected pleasure;
  • Sign if punish yourself – When you punish yourself in the dream, then this can be a sign that you are doing something wrong in this life;
  • Not satisfied if punish someone – You make a punishment to someone you know, this dream shows that you are not happy about this person behavior and you punish him/her in the dream.

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