Puppy dream meanings

General Meanings:

Puppy in the dream (young dog) symbolizes spontaneity, innocence, trust and affection. Dreaming of puppy or puppies usually means, that you will be asked not to reject friendly courtesy from other people.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Thanks if see puppy – Dreaming of puppy means that you will help innocent and unlucky people and for that you will get a gratitude;
  • Party if see puppies – Puppies in dream can mean an invitation to a fun party and you will experience fun and happiness.
  • Property if puppy or puppies are awake – The awaken puppies in the dream denotes that you will have an ability to grow wealth;
  • Warning if sleepy puppy – Dreaming of pathetic or sleepy puppy may mean that there is threat of loss so be attentive.

* Please, see meaning of animal or dog.

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  1. Dream my brindle mastiff had a litter of 10 puppies a brindle rabbit got into the litter I put it away from the litter. My mastiff didn’t realize she was having puppies

  2. Dreamt I was in the town centre, wearing brand new Wellington boots(wellies), they felt really comfortable. I was talking with someone, I don’t remember who. Then I notice about 6/7 mainly black puppies, I think one of them had a/or a few white patches in it. They were all running over my feet and trying there best to jump at up me. The white patch started to nibble at my left feet toes through the boot – I felt the bite, but it didn’t hurt.

    • ya cause dreams (part of your brain) dose not need to simulate pain if so you will wake up cause something attacked you in real life such as fall of the bed although my parrent grab me out of bed (really she did by the legs) and i flew away in my dream and i saw my parrent and said YOU GOT SHCOOL so ya also have a good day

  3. I dreamed of two very happy playful golden lab puppies playing with ping pong balls on top of an over-sized pinball machine that someone else was playing. The lights and metal ball were very vivid.. the over all feel of the dream was quite happy. But as I rarely sleep deep enough to dream, and when I do, I rarely remember my dreams, AND when I do they are usually of me in odd places, I am perplexed by puppies in a dream. Any thoughts?

  4. I dreamed that a man and his son were selling various things from the back of a white van and they had a litter of pups which they were also selling. The strange thing about it was that their was a lady wrapped up in a blanket laying next to the pups like if she was sick just laying there quite and calm.

  5. I dreamed a litter of newborn puppies. Specifically schnauzer puppies, which is the kind of puppy I have been wanting for a long time already, and is the kind of puppy my ex has. The puppies were awake, playful. What does this mean?

  6. I dreamt a puppy was playing with my feet and as I was trying to push it away,it kept playing…then I woke up and saw it was my phone I was pushing away.

  7. i dreamed of 4 black pups awake and sitting on the back of their mother…they were black with a brown shade on mouth and nose…i have seen the same dream twice….and dont know what to make of it ….and also the dream suddenly ends …

  8. I told a guy I like, Nick,that I like him but he didn’t say he liked me or did not like me back. In my dream, I dreamt that we were at my grandmas house where there was a litter of puppies(pugs) and a very small horse the size of a toy there were also a lot of kids and I gave a puppy to each kid so they could give the puppies love and I got the bigger puppy, the small horse and the smallest black puppy that looked very ill(the rejects). I took them all with me on the couch where Nick was sitting and I gave him the smallest puppy and I played with the bigger puppy and horse and my oldest cousin walks in and looks at Nick and I and asks I he’s my boyfriend and I say no but in my dream we’re both aware that I like him. I see that Nick isn’t that loving with the puppy so I put the other puppy and horse down once they were happy and I took the small puppy from him and started touching his face and talking sweetly to him an the puppy started opening his eyes and becoming happy and Nick was smiling and becoming gentler with the puppy too. And for some reason the puppy started looking more like a black dolphin and Nick always represents himself as a dolphin and Nick started pouring some water over the now dolphin and then I told him to give him some to drink the now puppy-turned-dolphin was happy and both Nick and I were beaming and I asked if the puppies and horse had their shots because I didn’t want them to die and they did.

  9. I dreamed of a litter of six chocolate lab puppies. I asked myself how was I going to train them ? I am no trainer. The first pup I wanted to play catch. I used a red frisbee and threw it. He looked at it. I took him to the frisbee and placed it in his mouth. We then came back to start. I threw it a second time and he caught it in mid air. I was happy and so was he. I petted and praised him bc I had no treat. The second one I wanted to sit. I placed one hand on his rump and the next hand under his chin. I told him to sit and again he looked at me. The second time I said sit. And he did. I was happy again as I cupped his face in my hands and I praised him. Can you tell me what this means please ?

  10. I dreamt that me and my boyfriend were at his house sleeping in his bed beeing woke up by what im assuming was our brand new puppy he was so cute black with a white spot on his nose licking us both in the face i woke up laughing out loud

  11. I dreamt a rottweiler had puppies in my yard and they were all alive and i took a female dog cause that’s the one i wanted and i kept her in my house n feed her. what does that mean? first dream of newborn puppies ever!

  12. I had a dream that I was riding in the car with my ex-boyfriend. We had drove to his old high school and went to the back of the building. We had gotten out the car and was sitting on the floor and new born puppies came running towards me and him. It was a fun moment and I felt very happy. I been having constant dreams about my ex and I don’t understand why. We haven’t been together for 6 years and we tried to keep in contact a year ago but he has a girlfriend, and I don’t want any problems. I haven’t thought about him in a really long time but when I have those dreams it feels like he is with me and all the feelings we have in the dream feel very real. The other dream I had about him that really overwhelmed me was when I saw him with my friends and I went to say hello and he hugged me. As he was holding me he whispered he missed me. That woke me up from my sleep and I still felt his arms around me. I don’t know what this means if he misses me or is thinking about me. This all started happening a few months ago after I started meditating. From what I know he still is in a relationship and he is happy. Like I said I don’t think about him or give any thought to what could have been. We have been done for a really long time he was my first love. Now that I am having these dreams I just started thinking about him.Any thoughts as to why I am having these dreams?

  13. i dreamed that a puppy kept jumping into a fire, i was frantic and kept trying to help, but it eventually went out of reach. i woke myself up straight after that… what does this mean??

  14. I dreamt I was sitting next to the fireplace in the lounge with six small puppies and they were jumping into the fire. Then I awoke to find six hotdogs on the table. What does this mean ?

  15. I dreamt i was at my grans house with family and these 2 cute puppies came in one was black. They started sniffing my feet then the puppy kept biting my toe it really hurt. Until i couldnt handle it any more locked my self away.

  16. I dreamed I saw my ex-husband with many puppies, puppies of all colors all surrond him and they were in my space as well and they shit all over my floor. At one point the pupplies ran out in the road and he grabbed them and a truck was coming and he held on to the puppies, the truck ran over him holding the puppies to secure them from the moving truck but neither got hurt – what is the meaning, I am quite curious. Please and thanks