Purchase dream meanings


Find what you want; choices.


What do I want to take home?

General Meanings:

Need of love The dream of purchase marks that the dreamer wants to have something more in interpersonal relationships. This dream may show that you want to buy the love of a close person or you only wish to acquire the recognition of the partner. But first of all can you really buy love and acceptance.

Disguise When you purchase some clothes in your dream, then this dream indicates that you want to go through life with new and different “skin”, this may happen because you are not satisfied about your environment and yourself.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Benefits if see purchase – In the dream you see that somebody is purchasing then this dream will bring benefit and advantage;
  • Fulfillment if purchase something for yourself – When you are happy about purchase in your dream, then this is a sign of fulfillment of wishes;
  • Better life if buy food – In the dream you buy food, then this is a sign that you will have an ability to improve your material conditions;
  • Invitation if purchase of toilet things – You will receive an invitation to important event if you purchase for toilet things in your dream;
  • New things in life if buy a lot of things – You buy a lot , but you don’t take all the goods home in your dream, then this is an indication that soon you will start new business or create something new and wonderful.
  • Worries if purchase for another – When you purchase for another person, then you will have a lot of trouble by a humiliation.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Wealth if purchase – The dream of purchase stands a good omen, this dream will bring you unexpectedly large prosperity;
  • Look through plans if purchased but can not carry away all at once – You purchased for goods but can not carry everything at once, then this dream warns you that you may do too much it is not for your efforts, you have to look through your plans;
  • Want to be evaluated if buy clothes – You bought some clothes in your dream, then you desire to be rewarded in advance more quickly.

* Please, see meaning of money, clothes, load, business.

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