Pus dream meanings

General Meanings:

Infection and bad emotions Infection usually follows the formation of pus. Something “has become bad” and has infected the surrounding, can appear in a dream as pus. Maybe the dreamer feels anxiety, self-doubt and even may be “infected”.

Sign of illness This dream symbol shows that a negative situation can cause pain and difficulty in your life, if this is not treated properly. Pus can really announce a disease that doesn’t cause any symptoms.

Suppressed qualities This can also be interpreted as certain qualities of the personality that you suppress. In the future this should be considered more carefully, because they would act as “decomposing” things, which may damage your inner world.

Psychological Meanings:

Get rid of negative things The dreamer has pus in his dream, this means that he has to deal with negative matters and affairs in his environment. Another person suffers from purulence in a dream, then the dreamer must deal with his inner negativity and learn to heal himself.

Spiritual Meanings:

Fight against bad From a spiritual sight the pus is the result of trying to fight with something “evil/bad”. Even if the dreamer has already managed with this, he also has to needs to eliminate the consequences.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Freedom if see pus in a dream – In the dream you see pus, this dream signifies that you will be freed from heavy sorrows and concerns;
  • Expressed emotions if squeeze pus – In the dream you squeeze pus, this signifies that you are expressing your emotions which were suppressed. Now it will be even better for you, do not be afraid to show your feelings;
  • Success if with wounds and ulcers – This dream announces you happiness and property.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Tribulation if see pus – In the dream to notice pus indicates disease and hardship in your family.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Bad feelings if see pus – This dream announces you that there are something wrong and bad in you (feelings, attitudes) and you have to get rid of this.

* Please, see meaning of inflammation.

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14 responses

  1. I dreamt tonight my ears had green pus running out from them when I turned my head sideways. Just pouring out. Woke right up, incredible pain in head and have a high pitched ringing in brain. (I did ring in new year with 5 hours of my favorite Pink Floyd using headphones.. maybe a bit loud)
    I finally got up from bed, and found water in my hallway and seeping into my room. It was from running water in bathroom overflowing from sink. Winter time. . Drain clog. Was afraid of this before sleep. Bathtub full, too. After caring for problem, l decided to look up this vivid, wild dream and found many meanings applied for me from several websites. Astounding! Especially with the ear!! While dreaming can mean one particular issue, I now realize the complexity of the matter. If i had gotten right up from dream, i would have stopped the overflow of water. . Have to get out of this house, it has made me physically sick since living here over 16 years. And more personal stuff.. I’m thankful I have these dreams and pay attention. .. a true gift in life.

  2. Dreamt of painful lump on left side of tummy, gave it a squeeze solid ball of puss fell out, squeezed more pus out then left a big wound gushing with blood I was shouting I need to go to hospital my shite robe was red from blood ???

  3. I dreamt of 6-8 holes on my skin like in a row, in one of my arms I think, and each hole has a brown circular thing on top of it, as a covering. When I got rid of these covering, the holes appear and I discovered that there’s pus in each of the holes, so I squeezed them and drained the pus out of them. It was a yucky sight, but then I got rid of the pus and then my dream ended. It was a weird dream for me.

  4. I had a dream where the puss was thick and tube like and kept on coming out while I was talking to someone. I’ve been very depressed so maybe this means I’ll be freed from heavy sorrows and concerns?

  5. I’ve had recurring dreams about white thick pus coming out in tube like form from different areas of my body for a long time now.

    Last night I had a dream a had a white head on my nose and so I squeezed it. The amount of pus that came out was disproportionate to the size of the pimple.

    Eventually I opened my mouth and the tube like white pus came out of there as well. This is going to sound crazy, but two glue sticks came out of the wound where the pus was coming from. After they cane out the pus stopped.

    This is not the first time I’ve had a dream about pus and glue sticks. Different parts of my body are involved. It’s worrying and gross.

  6. I dreamed,my big toe had an opening filled with pusd and some how I sucked at out and was spitting it in the sink and woke up. I’ve been sick to my stomach all day thinking about this!

  7. I dreamed I was in my bathroom and I had large amounts of yellow pus covered the inside of my right ear and was coming out of my right ear, and when i tried to turn my head to get it out it just kept coming and filled up the sink.

  8. I had a dream last night that I had a huge abscess on my neck. they went in the bathroom and started squeezing out this white and green pus, it squirted all over the bathroom mirror. it was weird because then I turned around and it was gone.

  9. I dreamt…I had a boil the size of nickel on my wrist. And I squeezed it out of curiosity. And it popped instantly….the substance that came out of it was a black and pus. It had no scent, because I tried to smell it in my dream. I couldn’t identify what the black substance was. Bad blood?

  10. I dreamt that my 8 yr old daughter had a cut on her foot….I bandaged it up, but eventually had to see a paramedic about it, because her foot was so hot, it was steaming, and when we removed the bandaged, hot puss came running out. During this, the paramedics touched her bottom lip, and a abscess popped and the pus came running out of her bottom lip