Raffle / Tombola dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Be attentive if raffle – You are dreaming that you raffle and get a profit or a prize then this is a warning that you may become speculation victim;
  • Annoyance if be in the church ruffle – In the dream you are in a church raffle so this announces disappointments and anxiety in near future;
  • Hopeless promises if woman dreams of raffle – When young woman has a dream of raffle, then this promises empty expectations.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Worries if raffle – The dream of raffle is bad omen which marks that you will make troubles which cause some troubles.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Not your time if raffle – The raffle in the dream denotes that not all your desires will fulfill, sometimes you need to be more patience.

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