Rage (emotion) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Dealing with emotions Rage (anger) in the dream often stands for other passionate feelings. The dreamer is struggling with whether he has the right or not to impart his grief. Perhaps he is incapable to express properly his strong feelings in real life, while he does this successfully in his dream.

Inner conflict Rage (anger) symbolizes internal or external conflicts that disturb the dreamer, and he has to try to process them or to reconcile.

Psychological Meanings:

The human can give permission to feel passionate and sexual. The way we express emotions in our dreams this can inform about an appropriate behavior in everyday life.

Spiritual Meanings:

The dreamer is suffering because of displeasure of God.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Reconciliation if fall into a rage – Fall into a rage in the dream then this points to reconciliation with a difference and others;
  • Sorrow and worries if be angry or to be mad or furious – This dream indicates that you will experience disappointment by close persons or broken friendships. Also enemies may attack your property;
  • Mediator if be calm – To remain calm, while others are furious in your dream then in your real life you can mediate between quarreling friends that they will trust you for your fairness;
  • Reunion if see an angry person – You are dreaming of angry person then this dream may announce that you will have a reunification;
  • Objection if mad man – Dreaming of a mad man (tyrant, maniac) then this dream is a sign that enemies will openly oppose your projects;
  • True friend if angry animal – To see an angry animal or animals in your dream, then this indicates that your friend will defend your name and reputation.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Anxiety if be angry – To be angry in the dream may be a sign of  anger and annoyance in near future;
  • No barriers if angry animal – Dreaming of furious animal or animals, then this dream has a positive meaning that you will eliminate all your obstacles and will reach your goals.

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  1. My mom is currently and alcoholic and has prettying ruined our family. She’s cheated on my father, lost her job and has 3 D.U.Is. I have rage dreams where I fight her and I have no self control. She takes my personal belongings in my dreams and I keep fighting her physically. In my dream she ruined my relationship with my boyfriend because she told him I was only an angry person and stole my car. In my dream I also fought with her boyfriend and ran into his car. I’m not an angry person, and I know I can’t change my mother. I just don’t want to have these angry dreams

  2. I dream of a mad person askin 4 some money from me’I didn’t gave him but after a while I dediced 2 run over him’when I reached him’he had changed become a old man who was just drunk nje’