Rape dream meanings


Force of union.


– Where in my life do I feel that my love will be rejected?

General Meanings:

Suppressed personality Rape can symbolize that you suppress massively some parts of your own personality and this makes mental damage. Farther it points out to personal interests, that you passes mercilessly over the needs of others or that your own needs become overlooked by others. Also sexual needs can stand behind it, often this associated with the strong wish to give more.

Psychological Meanings:

Frustrating feelings and confusion In the dream the dreamer itself is raped or attends a rape,this does not change the meaning of such dreams. The vision of rape always indicates bad and painful feelings of the dreamer. Rape dreams may appear when the dreamer experiences situations where they are very frustrating, humiliating, scary. Also in the real life the dreamer feels powerless or ashamed because of his actions or words.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Worries if dreaming rape – The dream about rape and one of your friends was committed, marks that you will be shocked by the misfortune of some friends.
  • Lost pride if being raped – The young woman dreams that she was raped and became the victim of a rape, this denotes that difficulties will hurt her pride, and her lover will estrange from her;
  • Threat if being raped – In the dream you almost have been raped, then this dream indicates that you feel that somebody wants to damage your esteem and emotional well-being;
  • Sexual dysfunction if rape somebody – In the dream you rape somebody, then this shows dreamer’s sexual dysfunction or uncertainty;
  • Unpleasant attention if trying to rape – In the dream somebody tries to rape you, this means that you will experience unpleasant attention from somebody that you do not like;
  • Sexual desires if be rapist – The man dreams that he is a rapist, this signifies that in the real life he would like to be sexually abused or humiliated.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Painful feelings if see raped person – When in the dream you see the person who was raped, then this signifies that you will have negative and unpleasant experiences and you do not have any ability to stop this;
  • Negative emotions if been raped – In the dream you have been raped, this dream shows that the dreamer has stress, fear and he can not resist this;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Stress if see someone raping another person – This dream denotes that you can not control your life, the situation in which you are at the moment. You are really very stressed about that and you can not change anything, just to accept this;
  • Lost opportunity if been raped – In the dream you have been raped, signifies that you have missed the opportunity or the promotion in your life because of the better person then you.

* Please, see meaning of sexuality, defense.

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  1. My mom got a dream tats some boys are attacking me nd I caught to thoz boys nd they took nd went me to the forest they were trying to do something then I started shouting itseems no one were there to help me in tat moment…..so wat does it mean based hindus

  2. I had a dream about a black man who I did not know. He was braking into our place and the gate was open I was trying to close but it was like I couldn’t he saw me and he tried to rape me but the dream ended there.

  3. please help me, anytime i miss my period like one or two weeks i will saw a man rapes anothee woman or necked showed me his private part.
    so what does this mean to me

  4. Please help last night I dreamt that my husband raped a small boy who happens to be our neighbour and in the dream i caught him in the act,then I took the boy and told him was going with him to the police to report the matter.
    My husband in that dream did not care he just stomped out the out with out an inch of remorse for what he had done.
    I then proceeded to go with the little boy to report the rape matter then when I.was on my way our maid then woke me up.
    I am very worried right now please what could that mean i have been trying to ignore it but its really bothering me

  5. i had a dream that my brother in law comes and sleeps on my bed and towards my toes! in my dream he bes all over me, and i can see my husband trying to protect me

  6. I was wearing a very pretty dress it was short and cut low and I went into a room and all the boys in my grade came and surrounded me and I didn’t see the persons face but they tried to rape me and suddenly a boy who’s caused me a lot of pain (my ex) saved me he took the guy and punched him and beat him in the face so I ran out and then my ex stood by the door and went “don’t think this is because I like you. Stop blushing.” And he left …. What does this mean?

  7. I had a dream this morning about being at a sleepover in my house with my two best friends and when we were asleep this guy took advantage of us all and raped us. When we woke up there was a shoe box with my cat, decapitated, and a film strip that had photos and videos of us all being raped. We were all terrified and it turned out the man was hiding under the bed the whole time so we called the police and they took the man away but I woke up feeling terrified. Any idea what this means?

  8. I just saw a dream about rape : it was like my one friend asked me to help her , Then we both was going for a place there was no one and suddenly 2 boys came and one of them tired to molested me then they took me away and raped me and caught me for a long , It was horrible really 🙁 tell me what does it mean??

  9. I had a dram I was raped by a male friend of mine, we fell out for a brief time but are now on good terms. I had a dream that he tried to rape me last night, I kept calling out for my boyfriend to help but he couldn’t hear me.
    I don’t know if there’s is any meaning behind his but it shock me up and when I saw him at work today I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

  10. I had a dream that a friend was required under eerie circumstances. I fell that I know the person who set him up to be raped. My best friend discovered him being raped. From a distance I could see the commotion but I never saw anyone’s faces hands or feet. I remember feeling extremely scared n desperate as we ran for safety. The dream lines up too well with real life, people and possible events to not be a premonition….. But a premonition of what though?!

  11. I had a dream that my brother in law raped me. I tried fighting him. I normally do not feel comfortable around him. Annother man I know tried helping me at the masjid but no one believed him and my husband would not talk to me. My husband is so sweet and I told him the dream and he wants to get me a form of defense. What does this all mean?

  12. I had a dream that me and a friend were hanging out. Long story short, I was laying in the road and a cop comes and to see if Im ok. Well in the dream I woke up and I heard him say “shes vey beautiful” then he said “shed look even more beautiful with no clothes on.” Then he grabbed my pants leg and started dragging me across the road. I started saying no over and over. He said “yeah.” Then I woke up.

  13. I was molested as a child by my male cousin. I’m now a 16 y/o girl and I’m still having dreams about being raped. In my dreams I cannot move, and my attacker is someone I met in the recent days. It’s gone from friends, to teachers, to people I’ve volunteered with. I used to be “saved” during the dream by someone interrupting, but not at all in months.
    The boy that molested me is in jail, shouldn’t this be resolved in my head..

  14. I had this dream couple days ago where the whole school went out to see something. It got very crowded and I lost my friends in it. The next thing I know someone pushed a hand under my skirt and grabbed my ass. When I was about to scream, another hand was pushed on my lips. This person pressed themself against me and started to finger me. I felt 2 fingers inside moving like a scissor. I tried to escape but this person released my lips and grabbed my boobs really hard keeping me in place. Next thing I know this person started to thrust fingers in my ass hard and fast and I cried in pain but no sound was coming out.
    When it was over the person vanished and left my shirt unbuttoned exposing my boobs and my underwear pulled down.

    The worst part is when I looked up I realised that I was surrounded and everyone was watching with a creppy smile on their faces.

  15. Hi.

    I was raped when I was sixteen by my best friend’s father who was 52 at the time. I am 22 now. At the time I was frustrated and didn’t understand. I thought I loved this guy, but he was touching me and raped me and obviously, I was a confused girl not understanding what was happening and what I wanted.

    But now that I am older, I keep having these dreams not all the time, but they come time to time. I see him in my dream but he talks to me as a friend and I see my best friend again. The whole family comes up to me and we talk like how we used too.

    I feel these dreams are telling me that I am forgiving them and him for what he has done to me. In waking life, I feel like I am still kind of not, but am at the same time. I feel like I need to forgive him because this is something that shouldn’t be held on too. I mean my parents and my counselor know what happened to me at the time, but I feel fidgety around the subject still and don’t want to talk about it. I feel like I have overcame what happened to me.

    Any thoughts?

  16. Hello,

    I dreamnt I was a white family man who couldn’t deal with his disobedient and disrespectful daughter anymore, so raped her for revenge.
    This dream is disgusting and wrong. But what does it mean? (I do not correspond to the physical image of the character, I’m a female, black, and unmarried)

  17. yes i had this dream of well life size humanoid marionettes , they looked like a couple too. They acted like living people. to sum it up, i wound up raping both the man and woman. I left the room and i could fell myself smile. i woke up right after i closed the door on what used to be such lively things.
    I know mines really different but , please i was only 15 when i had that dream , it still haunts me to this day. if anyone could please tell me i’m not crazy.

  18. My mom recently told me she had a dream of me being pregnant and telling her i had been raped by my cousin. We both don’t really understand what it would mean so i would really appreciate if anyone could help interpert that.

  19. I had a dream last night that my very closest girl coisins happened to slip out that I was raped when I was small, they were under the impression that I might know about it, however I was furious when they told me. I am currently 23 years old and they say it happened when I was 8 years. I was furious, hurt & upset therefore decided to confront my parents about it in my dream, and my mum tells me it is true, she says I’m brave enough to know the truth nown however I break down in my dream as she explains how it happened. Suddenly I wake up, however the dream feels so real, could it actually be true? Should I ask my parents in reality?

  20. I had a dream that i fell asleep watching a movie in my old basement with my boyfriend and his brother. My boyfriend went to bed upstairs. Then I woke up to his brother raping me (His brother dislikes me in real life). When I finally got him off of me he felt like I owed it to him since he made it as far as he did. When i wouldn’t let him proceed and tried to run to tell my boyfriend, he got to him first and told him that I had sex with him. My boyfriend believed him instead of me. (In real life we both have some trust issues that we have been working on for the past couple years)

  21. I had a dream about my boy-bestfriend raping me. In the dream he will tie me up with chains and rape me from the back and the front. I keep telling him to stop but every time I tell him stop he goes faster and I can feel the pain then he lets me go . And we have a class together its health class were learning about body parts. He will sit net to me on the edge where the teacher won’t quit see us I try sitting in the front but he drags me to the back and starts committing “you look so hot today” and stuff like that he says”we’ll have fun again” and before I knew it I was in his room and the same thing happed.

  22. i had a dream that’s been bothering me for a while, i dreamt that i raped my ex-girlfriend in public and nobody responded to the rape. Although people said they were insulted about how i think i’m better than other people. What does this mean?

    • Hi; I’m sorry your going through this and I hope things get better for you but I heard and read that those dreams are usually when someone has magic workings or type of voodoo or hex. I also heard that symptoms usually gets worse during a dark and full moon so pay attention to that also if you seem to have other inexplicable things happening

  23. Hello, hope you’re doing well.
    just wanted to clarify a few things.

    first of all, there is a difference between this:
    Arabian (Islamic)

    not every arab is a muslim, nor is every muslim an arab. so arabian islamic doesn’t make any sense.

    I’m mixed of persian and pakistani. and I’m a muslim. My friend is Arab and she was born a christian and still is a christian.

    also this:
    – There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam.

    there is meaning of dreams in islam. Prophet Daniel and Prophet Joseph both wrote about the meaning of dreams.