Rejection (social) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Acceptance of people To dream of a rejection means a definitely safe acceptance. You dream of a rejection, this can often mean a relocation meaning. In this case this is called that you are accepted very friendly by other people.
Experience of rejection Unconsciously this is a fear of rejection. The dream lets you to experience this unpleasant case in order “to ward off” it, after the motto: after I have already experienced this, it can only be better.

Psychological Meanings:

The desire to be acknowledged¬†Who dreams of being rejected by a people who are important to him (partner, boss, etc.), this means that you are afraid of that. Rather, you feel insecure in your personal or social value, you ” don’t know your place”. For you it is very important and you need confirmation by others. This appears for people who had to “earn” love and¬†recognition.

* Please, see meaning of dislike.

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