Report card dream meanings

In general:

Report card often announces the test. If in a dream report card’s results is good, you will survive test. But if you have seen bad report card – chances to succeed in test is lower. If you are parent, then this dream often indicates the educational mistakes of the childrens.


A well-known symbol for the fear of failure, and also as punishment symbol.


– if good report card is obtained: a painful affair is settled to their own detriment; if it is bad: the execution of an embarrassing affair will run rates;
– To give away: you will be forced, not quite stick to the truth.
– To read: you are open and honest and will continue to come by;
– To get: you’ll get to hear the truth;
– To issue: you will meet new friends.

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4 responses

  1. I saw my report card with good grades in all subjects except the one in which I was fearing to get D grade in report card I saw it as a D grade only but I said it should not be D grade it should be B grade and someone comes and changes that D grade to B what does that means please help me understanding this dream

  2. I dreamt that I got an E- in biology, the lowest possible grade. Then I had an argument with my teacher and started crying. Could this dream be a result of feeling like im going to be marked poorly for my assignment?

  3. my report card had an f in spanish and i guess i have been grounded whith out being told i was grounded. I have to get it up if not im in serious trouble and last night was the first time that i have had that dream. its a little weired.