Resurrection dream meanings

General Meanings:

Renewal – The resurrection stands for energy, self confidence, a new beginning and rebirth. After a period of great difficulties, you can now breathe much easily: the obstacles have been overcome and it certainly goes up.

Finding success – Perhaps the dream also refers to a close friend or relative. Also brings a long journey to places of religious interest, where will be prepared the best luck.

Psychological Meanings:

Resurrection and Rebirth – A resurrection dream is clearly a dream of hope, when it deals with the “resurrection” of a disease or the “rebirth” of an idea or a goal, or the renewal of a romantic, platonic or professional relationship.

Spiritual Meanings:

Willingness – A resurrection symbolizes the desire for something higher and intellectual growth. Now mostly all development steps have been concluded successfully.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Protection If resurrection of the dead – The dream announces that you will be saved from misery and misfortune by your friends, an inner transformation begins in near future;
  • New start If see a dead rising – Something very oppressive will be taken from you; as a religious experience process, this can indicate a new start and a turn to the better in the life;
  • Everything goes well If self from the dead – You will have a lot of troubles and annoyance, but your wishes will ultimately prevail this;
  • Changes If see own resurrection – Great changes taking place in your own life which will change you and your environment where the disasters turn to happiness.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Justice If see resurrection of dead – If somebody seess in the dream the resurrection of the dead persons – The dream shows if you were inequitable then you would be punished. But if you were wronged, then your offender would get justice, because in the resurrection God alone is the righteous judge. Therefore, this court is humanly the same meaning as the Last Judgment.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Joy and Peace If resurrection of the dead – Dreaming of a resurrection of the dead, means liberation from bondage and the end of wars in your personal life and at work. Those who are in a foreign country will again see their loved ones and come back home soon.

* Please, see meaning of revival.

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3 responses

  1. Dreamed a brown horse was keeping a cat in it’s mouth until it was suffocating, let it out for a second and repeat the process. I was trying to hit the horse with a broom, but it backed up as if to kick me. I was afraid to get close. Suddenly, I see boots on the table on our deck, where the horse was then laying across a lawnchair, I don’t think it was dead. The boots belonged to my brother, just kicking back beside the sleeping horse. Whaaaaaat!

    Secondly, I dream of ex husband and I talking….I’m trying to borrow money. He looked very very handsome.

    Lastly, I dream of another ex husband, who passed over the summer…he was here at the house at the same time as the other ex and they are together with my parents at the kitchen table just visiting. Meanwhile, I’m upstairs with a cousin, trying to figure a way for us to go out, maybe counting change. There is yet, another ghostly friend there with us, who has been dead for years.

    In conclusion, I miss all of these three men.
    Still very creepy

  2. Hello,

    last night I had a dream about my best friend who died recently. He had cancer for several years, and for the last few moths of his life I lived with him and took care of him. He died suddenly-his organs failed, and on that day I wasn’t around him. For which I feel very guilty.

    In the dream, I dreamt that my firend was sick, and that he died in his bed, in sitting position(he was in that position all the time) and I was sitting about 1 meter across him. For the next 2 days I didn’t move, I just wached my firend, crying my heart out and observing his skin as it got more and more pale(no any other sign of a dead body as usual). The weird thing is, I could feel everything(even the smell)as if it’s reality.
    But then on the third day, my friend all of a sudden took a very deep and strong breath, opened his eyes and looked at me with such joy on his face that I can’t describe. He also said something like “hey, you’re here darling!” and at the same time he fondled my arm. This thing lasted shortly, I remember only that he was super extremely happy, looking healthy, and saying that he loves me very much. The rest of the dream is blurry, although I feel like that is the most important part. But when I woke up, it took me about 5 minutes to realize that it was really just a dream.

    I would be very grateful if you could clarify what that dream meant.

    Thank you