Roof dream meanings


The Higher; protection; cover.


Where in my life am I ready to expand my boundaries?

General Meanings:

Roof can embody the intellect and that the dreamer guides his life with logic and strict reasons, but suppresses frivolity and similar “irrational” psychological content. You have to learn to use some variety in life and only then you will find internal harmony. Moreover, there are more interpretations especially:

  • To climb on the roof – announces honors and promises more prestige.
  • To be on the roof – means that the dreamer is strong enough to do something without protection.
  • On the roof to look to the environment, this means that you get a better view of the current circumstances in order to cope more easily with your life. The scenery is beautiful – successful and happy future.
  • Damaged tiles on the roof – warn of impending dangers, which you might not notice.
  • A leaking roof indicates that the dreamer is open for emotional attacks, he will not be able to protect himself/herself.
  • Covering the roof – marks about secure and good future.
  • Burning roof with dark smoke is an unlucky message. Bright flames indicate success and happiness, also this may express unconscious desires and fantasies.

Psychological Meanings:

Make order A roof is needed to satisfy the basic human need for security and protection. Roof as a dream symbol stands as the head of the dreamer. If in a dream something is not right with the roof then you have to examine your own thoughts and emotions and to make order.

Dreams of attic sometimes remind you early sexual experiences or long-forgotten events or situations. Climbing up onto the roof in a dream means that someone wants to overtake you with his knowledge.

Spiritual Meanings:

Sometimes the protective aspect of the woman is depicted as the guardian of the hearth as a roof.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Respect if see new roof – The new roof in the dream provides high honors and wonderful future;
  • Troubles if see old roof – The old roof as a dream symbol announces worries and dangers in near future because you have missed important warnings;
  • Happy family if see a thatched roof – The dream will bring you a comfortable domesticity and happy marriage;
  • Confusion if stand on the roof and be afraid of a fall – In your dream you are standing on the roof and are afraid to fall then you are not sure about your own life, the work you do, the project you implement and about everything what happens in your life;
  • Good life if cove roof – You are working on the roof and covering it in the dream then you may expect a happy and confident life and security for your family;
  • Events if see something is falling from a roof – The falling thing from the roof in your dream announces you an unexpected event which will bring changes;
  • Unpleasant period if fall down without hurting yourself – In the dream you fall down from a roof and don’t hurt yourself then you will have an ability to you will escape from unpleasant situation of danger. But this will bring setbacks and bad news;
  • Illness if fall down from a roof and hurt yourself – The dream where you hurt yourself because you fell down from a roof so this announces a disease if you do not take care of your health;
  • News if see a defective roof – The defect on the roof in the dream denotes that you will get bad news;
  • Worries if see collapsing roof – Warns of sudden troubles when in the dream appears collapsing roof;
  • Quick solution if repair a roof or building it – You are dreaming that you are repairing a roof or building it then this means that you have an ability to find the mistake or trouble and to solve it without painful consequences;
  • Wasted efforts if brick falls from the roof – The dream where the bricks are falling from the roof signifies that all efforts are now useless and a waste of time you will not reach what you want;
  • No fear if sleeping on the roof – To dream of sleeping on the roof marks that you do not have to fear of any enemies and false friends. Also the good sign that your health is robust;
  • No love if stand under a gutter – This dream promises that you will have unhappy times in love.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • News if roof with bricks – The dream announces that you will get some pleasant news from abroad or from family members;
  • Evil if roof without bricks – You have to be prepared, because an evil is attacking you or your family, but you are strong enough to resist this;
  • Happiness if roof with red bricks – The dream has a positive meaning which announces contentment and joy will come into your house and family;
  • Strength if burning roof – The burning roof in the dream indicates that your power of your soul will not leave you and will help you to handle with all the worries;
  • Love for home if see bird on the roof – The bird on the roof as a dream symbol denotes that you will leave you home but something  will bind you, it seems they are people you love.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Good life if see safety and security roof – The roof looks safe in the dream then this dream is a sign that you are making good progress in your work;
  • Joy if see bright red tile roof – This dream announces that in near future you will experience joy and satisfaction;
  • Wonderful life if sit on it a roof – To dream of sitting on the roof, goes as a sign that you will have satisfaction, good influence and prestige in your life;
  • Unpleasant news if fall down from the roof – You fell down from the roof in your dream, then this signifies that you will have bad news and events;
  • Happy family if see cover roof – The covered roof in the dream for lovers announces early marriage, for married couple blessed with children;
  • Success if see burning roof – The burning roof in the dream will bring you lucky in all things;
  • Journey if see with birds on a roof – To dream of birds that are on the roof then you will have a trip from your home.

* Please, see meaning of fire, tiles, house, thatched roof.

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  1. What about a flat roof. I dreamt was on roof of my building with my landlords husband. There was an old claw foot bathtub filled with dirt and scruffy plants as well as an old wooden rectangular garden box. I was telling the husband I would create a rooftop garden and plant flowers in the tub and vegetables in the box. I can’t find any descriptions to help me explain this dream.