Room dream meanings

General Meanings:

New areas of personality In your dream the discovery of a new room in your own home is an exciting and good symbol because, it says a lot about the state of your own personality. Women more often than men dream of finding new room, especially when they have reached a turning point in their life.

Isolation The dreamer feels trapped in a narrow room, then this dream may indicate isolation of dreamer’s social life, especially when doors and windows are closed in the room.

Psychological Meanings:

Part of dreamer’s life or personality Room is a part of the house as part of personality or part of life. This may indicate closure from those to whom you don’t want to show your plans or yourself.

Chaos in the mind Who moves restlessly from one room to another, the changes of position from moment to moment, usually reveals a change in the mental or psychological arrangements of the dreamer.

Learn the lesson We move from dark room to brightly illuminated one in the dream, means that we go from the unconscious condition to a conscious – the lessons which the dream gives to us should be heeded in waking life.

Decision of changes In the dream the room looks exactly like in reality, signifies that very soon you will be packed by boredom of your life and this moment will lead you to decision to leave your current environment to become more happier elsewhere.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Solitude if enter into empty room – In the dream you are entering into an empty room, this dream symbol announces that you will live in loneliness;
  • Happy life if dreaming beautifully furnished room – In the dream the room is beautifully furnished, signifies that you are going to live as you desired all the time. Your life will be wonderful and full of joy;
  • Painful experience if room is dark, sinister and dirty in the dream – You are dreaming dark, sinister and dirty room, this dream will have unpleasant experiences in your life;
  • Changes if being in a strange room – When in the dream you are in the strange room means that you can expect changes, possibly with a change of location;
  • Warning if being in a known room in the dream – In the dream you feel that you are in well known room, signifies that the danger is near you. You must be aware with people around you.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Changes if dreaming room or rooms – You are dreaming room or several rooms, this marks that in your life will be some changes, something is going to change. This may be your personal life, position or even lover;
  • Fortune if seeing nice, beautiful and cozy room – In the dream you are in a nice and cozy room, means that you will have a sudden fortune, either through an inheritance from unknown relatives or gain through speculations;
  • Worries if room is poorly equipped – In the dream your room is poorly furnished, signifies that soon you may be in trouble and you will need help from someone;
  • Success if seeing strange room – You are in the strange room in your dream, this indicates success, after you had almost given up with hopes;
  • Changing living place if living in a room – In your dream you feel that you are living in this room, this may be that you will change your location in near future;
  • Hard work to success if seeing an empty room in a dream – You are dreaming an empty room, marks that in near future you will improve your lifestyle and living conditions, but you must work hard if you want to succeed;
  • Good partner if young women is dreaming beautiful room – When a young woman is dreaming a beautiful, clean and well-furnished rooms, then this symbol may announce, that a wealthy man will ask for her hand;
  • Marriage if room is simply furnished in a dream – But when the room is simply furnished in the dream, this also suggest marriage, but not with rich partner.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Lost friend if having your own room – In your dream you have your own room, this announces that someone who is closed to you will leave you soon;
  • Better position if being in bright room – In the dream when the room is bright, this is a good sign that you can expect a promotion;
  • Progress if room furnished beautifully -The room is furnished beautifully in your dream, then this announces good progress in your work or company;
  • Hard work reaching goals if room with beautiful paintings – The room is with beautiful paintings or pictures, shows that you have immodest desires, but you have to work a lot very hard if you want to reach them;
  • Celebration if lit or switch on the light in room – In the dream you switch on the light in the dream, this dream will bring you big festivities in your family;
  • Changes if paint or apply wallpaper in the room – You are dreaming that you are painting  the room’s wall, this dream signifies that you will experience changes in near future;
  • Good life if seeing many rooms in a dream – Many rooms in the dream will bring you wealth and long life.

Contexts’ Meanings:

To dream being in the room – In the dream you are in the room, this marks some aspects of personality. Different rooms in the dream shows different aspects of subconscious. Also announces changes in your life. It depends on what kind of room, how it looks like.

To be in an empty in the dream – When you are in an empty room in your dream, this dream shows the purity. New beginning or new start changing your life or personality. You are like empty box , where you can put what ever you want. This dream advise you to put all the best character qualities, personality aspects. You will improve your life to better. Now it is time to forget the past and start new present and future.

Dreaming white room – The white room also can indicate the isolation, you want to hide yourself from the others, because you want to make decisions without somebody’s influence. You desire for something new and to start something prosperous. You want to do it by yourself, without help only with your own strength. You will have satisfaction in your life.

Dreaming dark, dirty room – This dream symbol signifies that your mind is in chaos. Your heart, soul or even thoughts are too dark and negative. You are very pessimistic person and everywhere you see only the black side. You must try to overcome yourself to see the positive side of all unpleasant things. Only then you can brighten you mind, soul and thoughts. And after that the things will go even better and better.

To dream beautiful, clean, bright or well furnished room – Such dream symbols announces only good and positive emotions to you. The life will bring you wealth life, good family. But do not forget you have to work for this really hard. Because only after hard work we get the most wonderful things. The well furnished room announces you really rich life and success. You will make a progress in every area in your life.

To dream ugly, dirty, untidy or poorly furnished room – This dream marks that it is very unpleasant period in your life. You have to clean all your dirt from your life. To make your thought brighter and do not be afraid to start everything from the beginning. You have put all the negative thoughts into yourself. You have to get rid of all bad habits to clean your body and soul. After deep clean you will have new you. The dark dirty room warns that your inner world is like that room. Poorly furnished room symbol indicates that you do not put all your effort to make your life or relations better. Each of us are unique people, but some of us are afraid to show this and to rise from the ash.

To dream that you are cleaning/sweeping or painting a room – This is a sign that you are on the way of better life, you have already started to clean all the negative thing and thought in your life. You are painting or drawing new personality. You are making new decisions which will change your life. This is only the beginning which will bring and lead you to new and prosperous life. Keep moving and this will bring you only success.

In the dream to be locked, closed or trapped in the room – When you can not move or go out from the room (locked, trapped, closed) in your dream, this is an indication of yourself. You feel trapped or repressed in your life. This may be your own fears. You are afraid to express yourself freely, you do not trust yourself. You feel that you can not find the way out from unpleasant situation. Somebody in your waking life do not let you to move forward, tries to stop and weaken you. You must confront with your fears or even certain people who do not let you to move toward better life or better position.

To find or discover new room/rooms in the dream – To dream new room in the house/building, this is very good omen. To find new room in the dream, shows that you have new opportunities in your waking life. There is a chance to change your life. This symbol brings changes. This is a sign that you will have new and wonderful emotions, this shows your capability to accept new and unusual things or challenges in your life.

* Please, see meaning of building, house, hall, apartment.

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  1. I dreamed that my deceased Aunt’s house became a tourist attraction. People from everywhere and all walks of life came to see it. Her 2 bedroom home had become a mansion and every room was decorated exquisitely. Each room had a different scheme. There were a couple of rooms from the 60’s with Dean Martin songs playing including all of the items from that era, such as a Juke box, antique radio and TV. Absolutely stunning! Another room was decorated in deep purple and it was the most beautiful bedroom that I have ever seen in my life. However, this is not exactly true because every room in the mansion was decorated like you wouldn’t believe. The Disco room had couples dancing with suspenders and gold glitter on their bodies. After the dance they left gold footprints on the dance floor as they disappeared into thin air. Each room had the best that money could buy. There were lots of employees and caterers offering top of the line snacks and food. I have had dreams of beautiful homes before but this takes the cake. I am still in awe! I have never seen such beauty in my life. I was shocked when I woke up this morning. I hope you enjoyed my dream!

  2. I was in a small room of my boyfriend’s cousins house (in which I stayed for a while). Out of nowhere there was another door, it lead to a big room full of rich and beautiful things. There was another door that was open in that room and it lead to another room with a huge bath in it.

  3. Room or flat, there is some similarities between them. I am happy, cuz this dream announce very happy future. Also I feel like it is so and will be even better. So there is no argument (at least I do not have one right now) to disagree with this meaning. 🙂