Scales dream meanings

In general:

A scale is a dream that reference to the necessity balance and self-control. Without this balance, it is not possible, reasonable decisions, take of procedures for instance in terms. All options must be “considered”. A scale in the dream may also represent rules or standards of conduct, the respect is expected is the dreamer.It is possible that the dreamer feels as “weighed” and found defective. It is not the balance in equilibrium, then the dreamer should go on to find out the reasons for this. A scale can indicate excessive regulatory and sense of justice, request for more tolerance. Often it also indicates that one must consider carefully all aspects before making a decision . The ancient Indian Dream interpretation it is rich additional profits, arms of announce even more distress.


The scale is a dream symbol of justice, order, harmony, balance and harmony. It can be that the dream is weighed on the scale something, while it is always important to what items you have. Generally weighing is a dream for weighing and testing.The type of scales in a dream may allow more accurate interpretation. A scale would be indicative of more personal assessment as a public scale.A weighbridge may mean that you should reconsider your life. The scale at the doctor, wants to warn the dreamer that he might pay attention to a health problem. If the scales are leveled out in a dream, it will behave in real life probably meet and deliberate trade. There is a deep weighing scale, should be interpreted for the symbols, whether it has reduced to our advantage or disadvantage.


The scales of Justice stands for balance and harmony, but also for good judgment. Moreover it is the symbol for the zodiac sign of Virgo.


European (Judeo-Christian)

– Is a reminder to all to be fair, even to yourself;

– See: the next time will bring an important decision;

– Something to add: justice is calming effect on one’s own behavior, the wealth will grow;

– Balance carefully and weigh something like: you will meet at a decision the right choice;

– A balance that is not allowed or is it weighs too much or too little: they will make the wrong choice;

– On a stand: you have made ​​a mistake;

– The weight of a young woman her lover, they will consider it as a solid. Mutual fidelity is coupled with love.

Hindu (Hinduism)

– Will weighed in one place on the scale or the so-called fast scale, interpret it as the official act of the judge.

– Executes the dreamer a lawsuit in court and he noticed that the scales hold in equilibrium, if not he will come into its own subjects.

– The scales mean shifting the ears of the judge, the things in the speeches of the litigants.

– If the scale is fine and clean, is the judge of the place justice, but the scales is bent or broken, so you know that the judge of the place where you dream about such bends the law.

– Is the balance beam on which depend the scales, broken threatens the judge of the place of danger or death.

– The same is true of the so-called fast scale. Likewise, capacity measures and instruments are to be interpreted and construed, only they have low-ranking judges.

– Submit it means profits, loss of arms;

– With hanging shells: your happiness depends only on a thread, be careful in dealing with people..

Arabian (Islamic)

– Scale: You must make a decision or to weigh the advantages and disadvantages in any case;

– Weigh something you want to check something which one is not certain;

– One scale tend to see: you will get an important issue to an important realization that a particular decision has the consequence that will affect your whole life.

* Please, see meaning of weigh, weight, Zodiac.

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