Scepter dream meanings

General Meanings:

The given and needed power The scepter represents royal power and supreme authority. When the scepter appears in a dream, so this indicates the fact that the dreamer has a person who gives authority to him. The extent of given responsibility compels his inner self to intervene into this. In the symbolism of the scepter also relate with the stick and it is also consistent, of course, a phallic symbol. The scepter indicates the dreamers aspiration for prestige, approval, authority and power that can be too exaggerated.

Psychological Meanings:

Success and strength  The dreamer holds in his dream a scepter in his hand, then he needs to transmit a position of vitality. When another person holds the scepter and gives it to the dreamer so this dream will bring the dreamer honor and power, success.

Spiritual Meanings:

Magic thing The scepter may embody the magic wand and the dreamer can use this magical power. On the spiritual level, the symbol of scepter stands as the transmission of positive, divine or power.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Joy if see scepter – In the dream you see a scepter then in your real life you will come to great honor and happiness;
  • Trust of friends if swing with scepter – To dream, that you’re swinging with a scepter then this dream denotes that friends will give a confidence to you and you will not disappoint them in any skills;

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  1. I had a dream I was in a small valley surrounded by cliffs. There were gray wolves slinking around moving closer bit by bit. I was with my sister and another girl. I told them we have to kill the wolves our selves, we’re on our own. One wolf attacked and we killed it with spears. The animal’s body begin to vanish where it lay and a wooden scepter remained in it’s place. I picked it up and to the two we have to destroy these. I struck it against the ground and the wooden sphere at its tip cracked in half and I threw it to the ground. My sister looked at the wolves and I said, “Yes, we have to do this to all of them.” And I felt sad because I felt one of them was going to be killed before we were finished.

  2. I saw a vintage ship with a skeleton on a mast. The skeleton was holding a scepter & he reached out to grab my hand and I evaded his advance. I did not feel any fear or ill intent just bewildered with the experience. What does this mean?

  3. In my dream I was being handed things that I was trying to resist taking – all of it was hazy. Then, as the haze cleared, I could see what was becoming clear, and a septure was thrust into my hand.