Sculptor dream meanings

General Meanings:

Stagnation Sculptor shapes the inanimate matter and wants to breathe as the creator-spirit. The dream of sculptor announces that you may expect that soon you will make not so important changes and this may bring you a frozen situation. Also the symbol of sculptor may stand for the protection of the material existence or the success in the near future.

Psychological Meanings:

Fear to fail The Sculptor is a person who with hammer and chisel will always beat out the best contours – the unconscious is worried that we might make not so good picture or a shape, because we want to beat everything and ourselves at any price.

Creativity and warning The positive side of this dream that this is a symbol of creativity that may help us to prevail against the harshness of everyday life (or under severe conditions). If the dream of a sculptor is a nightmare then this is a warning to be careful because you can see the reality. All the time you found refuge in a fantasy world and didn’t carve out your own reality, and this may be shocking for you.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Development if see sculptor – In the dream you see a sculptor then this dream indicates that you will develop your skills in order to show how unique you are;
  • Creation of life if be sculptor – In the dream you see yourself as a sculptor, then this is very positive dream symbol that you will have greater security for existence and ability to create your own life;
  • Reaching goals if see exhibited sculptor products – In the dream you are in the exhibition and see all the works of sculptor then this denotes that you will quickly reach a large target which will change your life;
  • Favor if see sculptor – The young woman dreams that her husband or lover is a sculptor, then this dream marks that she is enjoying the favor of influential men.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if see sculptor working – In your dream you see that a sculptor is working then this dream denotes that you have secret enemies and you have to be very attentive in order to avoid damage.

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