Seduction dream meanings

General Meanings:

Ability to lure people The seductress is such a powerful action, for both the male or the female. To dream of seduction represents enticement. The ability to lure people and to attract closer. For women it is associated with the wicked witch or the beautiful temptress. The seduction has the power to create illusions, and the ability to deceive others.

Psychological Meanings:

A female dreamer dreams of seductress, this dream stands for negative and destructive side of the female. The ability to lure the man.

Spiritual Meanings:

The temptress is the destructive side of the female. The mythological figure of Lilith is its incarnation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Temptation if to be seduced (for young woman) – If a young woman dreams of being seduced, she will defeated too quickly by the temptation by attractive people.
  • Warning if a man has a seduced girl – This dream warns that he must be careful, because there are some people who want to accuse him illegally;
  • Influence if be seduced – You are a woman and in the dream you were seduced by a handsome man, this dream marks that you will be influenced by some people to choose¬† what they expect;
  • More attention if man seduced a girl – If you are a man and you seduced a young girl, then this dream denotes that you have to be very attentive at your work, because this may bring unnecessary worries.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Bad people if be seduced – You are dreaming that you are in seduction, this may show that someone holds you for bad things;
  • wrong people if someone is seduced – In the dream somebody is seduced, this dream denotes that people around you are too you have thoughtless, they will not make any progress.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Worries if be seduced – In the dream you became seduced person (to any injustice), this dream marks that bad people will cheat on you and this will bring lots of damage.

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  1. Hello please help me translate my dream …. I’m a man . I dreamt of seducing a fat woman in a white wrapper ,at first she resisted then she gave in later. Then I woke up.